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Strata Cleaning Sydney

People buy into strata housing partly because of the community and services provided. Staying clean is a service they take for granted. If the common areas of the strata are clean most people say nothing; if anything is wrong with the cleaning you will very quickly get complaints.

Strata do have staff, but their job is maintenance. Some staff work as janitors and clean on a regular basis, but this is not the normal arrangement. It is rather disheartening to only clean the one building over and over again, especially when one does not live there. Most strata outsource their cleaning, so there is more than one individual looking after the situation.

Professional outsourced cleaning staff will be reliable. The individual employees are trained for the job and know their performance is being monitored by the company. The company has a reputation to maintain; they won’t let the staff become negligent. Furthermore, if an individual cleaner is ill the company have replacement staff. Professional cleaning means the strata is in the hands of an organization rather than an individual.

There’s also flexibility. Professional cleaners work around the client’s schedule, not their own needs. With Strata this actually works well for both parties. Most office cleaning is done outside of business hours, meaning the cleaners are free during the day. This means strata cleaning can be done while most people are a work.

Professional cleaners have the heavy duty equipment. Few people use industrial vacuums and steam cleaning every day, so cannot afford the expense. Professional cleaning companies always use the high end products.

 Strata Cleaning Sydney

Professional cleaning of strata seems the best option. It costs less than a full time janitor and provides excellent results.


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