Running The Company, Or Running Yourself into The ground


Passion is great. Even if the activity takes up our time there is a lot to be said for doing that activity with passion. But if we need that time for other things we may have an issue. If you are running a company there is a temptation to do so many things yourself. But that will prove impossible and inefficient. The skill is finding what to delegate and what to keep directly under your control.


  • Never spend time doing things that you could hire others to do cheaply. If you run the company your time is worth more than the $20.oo per hour. You can hire a temp or assistant to do this work. The management tricks are to always have useful work for them to do, and to find the dependable individuals.
  • Find others to sort through data and provide the reports. This is a serious job; major decisions depend on reliable information. You should be looking to hire someone more capable (or more specialized in this particular field) than yourself.
  • If you do a lot of selling you might do well to hire others for the groundwork. Take over the sale when parties are interested. The buyer might react well when being handed over of the head of the company. When a deal is closed, tell those who did the groundwork that of lot of the credit belongs to them.
  • There tends to be a big picture and the details. Details can be important, and sometimes it can be hard to tell the significant factors from the minor; we don’t always know if it is a minor detail or not. But things that distract you from the big picture are a nuisance. Put the big picture in a place of priority, and emphasis everything that contributes to this.


Micromanaging is doing all the details yourself. The idea is to be a people manager; manage the overall operation, and manage those who are successfully running each of its departments.

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