Bamboo fabric

Bamboo fabric is an environmentally friendly and low allergenic material.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly plant. It is a fast growing grass that is ready for harvest in just 7 years, taking much less time to produce than wood. It helps the environment by absorbing CO2 gas from the atmosphere. And the lack of chemicals used for growing bamboo also helps the environment.

Bamboo fabric benefits from the no chemical environment in which it grows. There are no artificial chemicals in the fabric which might cause skin irritation. And bamboo materials are naturally low allergenic, so they are highly unlikely to cause rashes.


Bamboo fabric is extracted by water splitting the organic bamboo fabric. It is further refined to produce a cloth fibre that is absorbent, soft, air permeable, antibacterial, odour resistant and bio-degradable.

Many great baby goods are made from bamboo

  • Baby Handkerchief – These are 60% bamboo fibre with some cotton.
    They are useful for cleaning an infant’s mouth and gums after feeding.
  • Baby Cover – these are 100% bamboo fibre, so they are very warm. They are designed with hand holders which first time parents find comfortable. These same covers are useful as blankets for older infants.
  • Bedding and pillows – also made from bamboo, and very warm. Matching designs on bedding is so cute.
  • Bibs – so essential for feeding the infant. Clips make these items even easier to use.


Cloth Diapers for Sale

In terms of sheer numbers parents will buy more cloth diapers than other item. There is no escaping diapers when it comes to babies. Bamboo washable diapers for babies are a great option, especially as the bamboo cloth is so low allergenic, unlikely to cause skin irritation.