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Strata Cleaning Sydney

People buy into strata housing partly because of the community and services provided. Staying clean is a service they take for granted. If the common areas of the strata are clean most people say nothing; if anything is wrong with the cleaning you will very quickly get complaints.

Strata do have staff, but their job is maintenance. Some staff work as janitors and clean on a regular basis, but this is not the normal arrangement. It is rather disheartening to only clean the one building over and over again, especially when one does not live there. Most strata outsource their cleaning, so there is more than one individual looking after the situation.

Professional outsourced cleaning staff will be reliable. The individual employees are trained for the job and know their performance is being monitored by the company. The company has a reputation to maintain; they won’t let the staff become negligent. Furthermore, if an individual cleaner is ill the company have replacement staff. Professional cleaning means the strata is in the hands of an organization rather than an individual.

There’s also flexibility. Professional cleaners work around the client’s schedule, not their own needs. With Strata this actually works well for both parties. Most office cleaning is done outside of business hours, meaning the cleaners are free during the day. This means strata cleaning can be done while most people are a work.

Professional cleaners have the heavy duty equipment. Few people use industrial vacuums and steam cleaning every day, so cannot afford the expense. Professional cleaning companies always use the high end products.

 Strata Cleaning Sydney

Professional cleaning of strata seems the best option. It costs less than a full time janitor and provides excellent results.



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hi car wash

The Car Wash is more of a cultural phenomenon than what one would expect. Google the term and you will find popular songs, television episodes and at least one film. Very few people write songs about cleaning windows or floors. Cars are important to their owners and car washes are culturally iconic.


It has been the convention wisdom for years that automatic drive through car washes are bad for the exterior paint of your vehicle. This is at least partly myth. Car wash facilities have been around since at least the 1920s, though the automatic versions didn’t really start till the 1950s. These earlier cleaning systems tended to use harsh brush rollers to clean the car surface, along with harsh detergents. These steadily wore at the paint, and people noticed the effect after a few years.  Later car wash systems used only super cleaned water, with no solid surface touching the car. This removed virtually all risk of damaging the paint. There were also detergents developed that did not cause problems.


To confuse matters many home washing techniques cause problems. It varies greatly with the materials used, but many sponges used for car cleaning actually ruin the surface of the car. Ironically the attachments designed to fit over the end of a hose, the ones specifically designed to clean cars, were found to cause the most damage. This matter was compounded by the amount of water used. The average domestic house hose had insufficient pressure to properly clean a car surface, meaning more water and more use of the sponge was required. Worst of all the water, and the detergent it now contained, both entered the water supply and contaminated the surrounding soil.


The environmental effects of a well-run car wash are less than that of home washing. With the professional system the water is reclaimed, filtered and reused at least to some degree. This process serves to reclaim detergents and other substances, preventing them from entering surrounding soil or the local water supply. Energy use in commercial car washes is also kept to a minimum.

Hi car wash, the definitive car wash in Perth, uses a combination of hand-washing and modern techniques. This makes for a well-kept car, almost no risk of vehicle damage, and the best present option for reducing environmental impact.

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Fabricated Cladding

Some elements mix well to form compounds; and some compounds even mix with others. Cladding is the bonding of dissimilar materials that do not mix at a chemical level.  Various methods are used to permanently attach these materials. Two dissimilar metals might be permanently attached by roll bonding, explosive welding or by applying powder with a laser. The combination of two different metals may be pursued to gain the advantages of both.

Metal Pipe cladding is the most popular type, but other materials (such as PVC) are also used.

Colorbond Cladding

  • Like all metal materials this is durable and very long lasting.
  • Water runs off the surface or Colorbond, even at shallow angles.
  • There are several colours, which can blend in, compliment a décor or stand out as required.
  • It is reasonably lightweight.
  • No painting, the colour is permanently bonded to the metal.
  • Low maintenance.

Copper Pipe Cladding Steel

  • This has the corrosion properties of copper with the tensile strength of steel.
  • This has a longer lifespan than copper because of the steels strength
  • Is has longer lifespan than steel because of the coppers’ low corrosion.
  • Good electrical properties, making it useful for electrical grounding.

 PVC Pipe Cladding,

  • White PVC is stable when exposed to sunlight; no painting required
  • Mould and mildew resistant.
  • Provided more thermal insulation than most metal systems.
  • Quite fire resistant
  • Electrically non-conductive.
  • No corrosion, low maintenance
  • Washable with plain soaps and detergents

Stainless Steel Pipe Cladding

  • Incredibly robust under almost all situations.
  • It resists almost all corrosions, except where joined to a dissimilar metal.
  • Aesthetically appealing in many textures, but very hard to paint.

Aluminium Cladding,

  • Though less strong than steel it is more the strong enough for most situations.
  • No corrosion with clean air and water. Corrosion occurs with salt water/air.
  • Can be painted with special techniques, but is usually left bare.

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mj clinic - acupuncture and massage strathfield

Most effects of acupuncture massage are good, but some are a reaction to an underlying issue. The effect isn’t bad; it’s normal, given that the individual isn’t in absolutely perfect health. If we were in perfect health we wouldn’t have gone for a massage!

Sometimes things seem to get a little worse before they feel better. Make no mistake, they are actually getting better, it just feels uncomfortable at first; like losing a bad habit or giving up an addiction.

 Symptoms – Massage Burwood

Sometimes the very symptoms we went to have treated seem to get worse. This is termed a healing crisis. Your body is returning to correct functioning, and you healing systems is starting to work. You are probably experiencing heightened sensitivity, which means you notice bodily sensations that were previously in the background. You are also probably loosening muscles that you previously held tight. This can be simultansously uncomfortable and gratifying. Ever go on a skiing and feel sore because of all those muscles you don’t usually use? You muscles will be better for the experience, and there can be a gratification in this tiredness.

Tiredness – Massage Concord

It is not uncommon to feel fatigue after a massage.  Many people feel more energy, especially if they are regular patients. But after the first few sessions you might well feel tired.  This is neither unpleasant or a cause for concern. The tiredness feels like a continuation of what you felt during the massage. After a bath a nights rest you will better than your usual self.

Soreness – Acupuncture and Massage Homebush.

Were this only acupuncture it would seems obvious to the naïve- of course sticking things into me will make me sore; I’m surprised it isn’t worse! But the point is the treatment is helping. Like the recently exercised muscles the soreness is a sign of improvement.

Massage and acupuncture might be considered alternative aprouches by some, but they are very effective for many conditions, or just for feeling a lot better. Try an alternative to your present lifestyle, and find something new.

MJ Clinc offer massage and acupuncture for Strathfield, Concord, Homebush and Burwood.

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james an collage - selective school ryde part 1

Selective schools test to find the most capable young students. There are many arguments for and against this. Some arguments question whether or not the more capable student should be put together; some question the selection method.

One criticism leveled at selective schools is that the individual students suffer cultural shock when they realize they are no longer the smartest kid in the class. This is undoubtedly a huge adjustment, but it’s a necessary and humbling one; and something better learnt sooner than later. If a child realizes that there are minds smarter than theirs, as well as minds less capable, then they are getting a realistic perspective. It would be far worse for the student to have delusions and overestimate their ability. This criticism confuses self-esteem with superiority. A child and well-adjusted adult needs to feel valued for being a fellow human being, for achieving goals; not for competitiveness and trying to outdo others. Selective schools are beneficial this way; the child knows there are others at the same level as him/herself, and that this is perfectly acceptable.

A more valid criticism is that the selective criteria for these schools are poor; that the tests cater to coaching and rote learning. While this is true it must be remembered that it is quite difficult to have a completely impartial test. It must also be remembered that rote learning is part of the practical world, and being prepared for exams (coaching) is also a reflection of real world situations. Tests are not just about intelligence, they are about motivation, time management, preparation, and the notion that some things are true even if they defy analytical thinking. If a child can prepare itself to do better, then it deserves some support.

A variant criticism of the test criteria is that the children can be coached to do well. This is partly valid, as coaching is a considerable help for many children. But this is only bringing a child to its potential. If the coached children did well in the entrance test only to fail at the school we would have cause for concern. There is no evidence of this. Academic coaching is like sports coaching in this regard; get the best possible performance from an individual in a specific pursuit.

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Natural Look

The hair we are born with is only one option. Our genetics tend to provide us with a look that fits together. But what we already have is only one option. There are always other combinations, other eye and hairs colours, that match in a different way. Chances are we might find one that fits in with our personality or personal taste. Or, a new look might even make us a more outgoing person.

A solid colour can work well. Very young children tend to have this look. At the same time being in the Sun can give our hair highlights. This might make us question the meaning of the work ‘natural’; is it what we are born with or what we have as a result of our general living? Either way, good highlights can be a seamless part of our appearance. And if we aren’t blessed with perfect skin (even models struggle here) the two tone hair look seems to both match the uneven skin, and simultaneously make it less noticeable.

Unnatural Colours.

Nobody thinks pink, blue or green are natural hair colours. But they do work well for some people. The common misperception is that anybody who uses these colours is very outgoing. Some of them are, but other are quiet and creative souls. Pink hair probably won’t land you a conservative job (due to the interviewer’s misconceptions, not ours!) but it might well make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Darker hair is hard to dye, and the effects are less noticeable even with the greater effort.  But if you have light skin the results can work well. Lighter coloured hair tends to take different colours very well; and as lighter hair tends to go with lighter skin so just about any colour can suit the skin completion.

Haircut Sydney CBD.

Of course the best colour in the world is wasted without the right cut. Talk to your Hairdresser, Sydney has many fine options.

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PROCESSION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT – Holy Spirit Background – Part 2

procession of the holu spirit - holy spirit background

The book of Acts follows the story of the apostles after Jesus has finished His earthly ministry; Acts is a loose sequel to the Gospel of Luke. And in the 4th and 5th verses of Acts Jesus tells the disciples to stay in Jerusalem to await the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  This is not the first mention of this- The old testament promised the ‘Spirit of God’; Jesus spoke on several occasions of the Holy Spirit and its part in future ministry; And John the Baptist, who Jesus often refers to when talking of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, also refers to being Baptists in the holy Spirit and Fire [Matt 3:11, Luke 3:16].

John himself was filled with the Holy Spirit; this is mentioned in Luke 1:15. Whether this is the same as baptism in the Holy Spirit is unclear. What does seem significant is that the spirit only ever seemed to be on one person at a time at this stage in history. Elijah (to whom John is often compared) had the spirit much earlier in history; Simeon had heard from the spirit while Christ was an infant [Luke 2:25]. But the moment Jesus’s ministry began John’s ministry was superseded. Christ had the Holy Spirit descend on Him like a dove shortly after John baptised Him [Matt 3:16, john 1:32]. John and his ministry moved into the background after this point.

Many time Jesus talked about His later departure and the coming of the Holy Spirit; these two events are linked, for Jesus claimed that if He did not go the Spirit would not come [John 16:7]. The Spirit is essential for the gospel ministry; it seems to exclusively work through Jesus during His time on earth, and possibly the same with John’s ministry. After Christ’s departure it came to many men and women, including several Gentiles. We seem to have either Jesus of the Holy Spirit.

But what was the Baptism of Fire? Some closely equate this with Pentecost and the flames over the people’s head; possibly it is simply an expression, spirit and fire. But others see this as an alternative for those who do not accept the Holy Spirit. Jesus say only those born of water and Spirit will see the kingdom of God; fire is not mentioned [John 3:5]. Fire may simply be the unimaginable wrath poured out on those who do not repent. This is uncertain, however; surly there will be wrath for the unrepentant, but we do not know whether baptism (immersion) in fire refers to this. The Bible say ‘Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Fire’, rather than ‘or fire’; the matter is uncertain.

Jesus often refers to His truth as ‘living water’ [John 4:14], or the ‘water of life’ [Rev 22:17], the divine answer to what all men thirst for.  How this water reconciles with fire is uncertain, but despite being available to all only the repentant will receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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Painting Services Sydney – the Weather

pops painting - Painting services sydney - the weather

Part of the art of painting is choosing the right time. Surface preparation, technique and environmental concerns are all important, and can ruin a job, but extreme weather can ruin an otherwise well executed job.

Rain is obviously going to ruin any outdoor painting. Water-based paint will wash off the walls, and oil based paint will be compromised by any rain. Oil based paint will take a very long time to dry in humid (wet) conditions, and the effect of the rain hitting paint will ruin surfaces. Even slight dampness on a wall will cause problems with paint adhesion. Check forecasts and avoid wet conditions. Wait till all surfaces for painting are completely dry.

Very cold weather causes paint problems. Bubbling and blistering is one issue, requiring much time consuming work to fix. Less troublesome but still bad is the uneven chalky appearance that cold conditions can bring about. And as the cold tends to come with moisture there can be problems with paint running before it dries.

Hot weather is preferable, as long as it doesn’t change. Remember to take day and night time temperatures into account; some areas go from extremely hot to extremely cool when the Sun sets. If you paint in the early morning this shouldn’t worry you, but it may well prevent you getting the whole project painted in one day.

Extremely hot temperatures can cause paint to dry before it properly adheres to the surface; direct sunlight can also cause problems with brush marks and paint setting on the brush or roller. If you must paint then alternating brushes/rollers with a spare kept in water will allow you to get some painting work done, but things will be much quicker if you wait for better weather. Testing a small patch of surface with paint will give you a good estimate of the drying conditions and results if you are in doubt.

Windy conditions are more of a safety issue than a threat to paint; never use ladders or work a height if there is anything beyond a mild wind. Remember that leaves or dirt blown onto the paintwork will ruin all you efforts.

For residential painters Sydney has reasonably good weather; there are seasonal fluctuations, but no sudden changes. We can paint most days and not worry about an unexpected weather situation causing problems with the paint.


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aaa cleaning - office cleaning sydney

Ordinary aspects overlooked in office cleaning, Sydney

  • The old cliché is that the cleaner wouldn’t do windows. In domestic houses this cannot be overlooked, especially if children are present. In any offices the windows are not usually subject to the same level of use, but they still need regular cleaning.
  • Carpets get cleaned, but not always steam cleaned. If you have anybody other than yourself in the office the carpets will be subject to foot traffic. Get a steam cleaning every six months.
  • Smell – French author Proust wrote several volumes after being inspired by the smell of a pastry; our sense of smell affects us profoundly, even as we do not realize it. Make your office smell good and you might find in helps productivity. Certainly a bad smell, even if you are used to it, and compromise morale.
  • Dust on equipment. This mainly affects computers and peripherals these days, especially as they are used by individuals rather than a group. There is something about not touching other people’s belongings that prevents keyboards and other objects form being cleaned. Cleaners know that this needs to be done, and is not an invasion off security of personal space.
  • Kitchen equipment – not a matter of invading a personal space as a matter of not anybody’s specific duty. We wouldn’t out up with compromising health issue in our own kitchen; the office kitchen needs attention too.
  • Skirting boards. These just seem to accumulate dust and dirt. Carpet cleaners may not include them, and they get overlooked when the walls occasionally do get cleaned.

Hiring office cleaners Sydney

Office cleaners should be reliable and trustworthy. An established company willing to work outside of business hours will allow you to work without disruption. Having your office cleaned this way allows you to get on with the more important things in life.

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Airport Shuttle Sydney – Travel Humour

anytimeshuttle travel humour

Jokes, or at least practical jokes that might be misconstrued as terrorism, are banned at airports. But there is no law about airports jokes and travel in general.

A sign said ‘Airport left’, and people wondered why it was still there.

Why don’t you see penguins at the airport? They know they can’t fly.

What can travel around the world but stay stuck in one corner? A stamp.

A map on the wall has pins in it to indicate which countries I have visited. Of course, I had to travel to the four corners of the world first; you need pins in the corners to hold the map up.

Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
Douglas Adams

Both optimists and pessimists contribute to the society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist invents the parachute.
George Bernard Shaw

The do not disturb signs discourage people from entering you hotel room. Do not put them on backwards or you won’t be able to leave.

Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills.

Sat in good humour and use an airport shuttle, Sydney public transport is not super convenient for travellers to the airport.

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