Natural Look

The hair we are born with is only one option. Our genetics tend to provide us with a look that fits together. But what we already have is only one option. There are always other combinations, other eye and hairs colours, that match in a different way. Chances are we might find one that fits in with our personality or personal taste. Or, a new look might even make us a more outgoing person.

A solid colour can work well. Very young children tend to have this look. At the same time being in the Sun can give our hair highlights. This might make us question the meaning of the work ‘natural’; is it what we are born with or what we have as a result of our general living? Either way, good highlights can be a seamless part of our appearance. And if we aren’t blessed with perfect skin (even models struggle here) the two tone hair look seems to both match the uneven skin, and simultaneously make it less noticeable.

Unnatural Colours.

Nobody thinks pink, blue or green are natural hair colours. But they do work well for some people. The common misperception is that anybody who uses these colours is very outgoing. Some of them are, but other are quiet and creative souls. Pink hair probably won’t land you a conservative job (due to the interviewer’s misconceptions, not ours!) but it might well make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Darker hair is hard to dye, and the effects are less noticeable even with the greater effort.  But if you have light skin the results can work well. Lighter coloured hair tends to take different colours very well; and as lighter hair tends to go with lighter skin so just about any colour can suit the skin completion.

Haircut Sydney CBD.

Of course the best colour in the world is wasted without the right cut. Talk to your Hairdresser, Sydney has many fine options.