Misconceptions About Eyesight

Carrots are good for your eyes;

Well, not exactly. A healthy diet is certainly good for keeping your eyesight, and vegetables like carrots should be part of this. But once you eyesight is fully functional it cannot get any better. A poor diet will damage your eyes; good diet significantly helps keep the eyesight you have.

Vision loss cannot be treated.

There is always something to improve partial vision. Glasses, contacts, orthokeratology treatments at night, laser surgery for some conditions. Talk to you doctor and optometrist.

The Sun cannot hurt your eyes

UV light form the Sun can certainly have a negative impact over time. More than 50% of pensioners have cataracts, many of which could have been prevented with proper protection. Protect your eyes with UV sunglasses.

Reading in dim Light can damage your eyes.

There is no evidence for this; dim light is just inconvenient. As we get older we need brighter light as contrast tends to fade, but that is the natural process of aging.

Sitting too close to the TV will damage eyes.

Again, it doesn’t seem to do any permanent harm, though it has no real benefits either. Sitting too close to TVs or computer monitors can cause tiredness; there might be some heath issues with radiation, but this seems unlikely.

The wrong prescription of glasses will damage eyes.

Partly true. Children under 6 can suffer poor eye development if the prescription is wrong; this should be immediately attended to if the child show evidence of poor vision. For most other people the wrong glasses will cause poor co-ordination, tired eyes, and run the risk of serious accidents, but not really damage the eyes directly. If you suspect the prescription is wrong then contact a Sydney optometrist.

Glasses will cure learning disabilities.

Not really. Poor vision can cause learning problems and be misdiagnosed as a learning disability, but it is not really a learning disability, it has simply been mistaken for one. An exception to this is that some dyslexics seem to benefit from tinted glasses, but this unrelated to the eyes focusing and is still controversial

Contact your Sydney CBD optometrist if you have any concerns about eyesight for you or you family.

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Rainbow Embroidery

Cheap supplies save money

This is the same principle with almost anything- a cheap and nasty alternative causes problems and actually wastes time and probably money. If cheap thread breaks you have to spend time resetting the machine- this is reason enough not to do it. Colourfast issues are another reason.

On the other hand buying in bulk can save you money. This is not a cheap product, just saving money through wiser purchasing. The principle doesn’t apply to some other areas like cooking, where a product has a limited shelf life. But sewing materials last for years. Stock up if you buy in bulk, find a bargain, or are lucky to find the one or two inexpensive alternatives that actually do work well.

Stick with the brands that came with the machine

Well, that is one option. Try the others, the quality will vary. Try to find some tests for your products, like how easily it breaks, does it fade in hot water, or lose colour with bleach or sunlight. Experiment and find the best results. Or Google to find what works for others.

Rayon is never colourfast.

Well, I have had rayon threads that faded with bleach and in hot water, but I’ve had a few brands that didn’t. As some of the garments I embroider aren’t colourfast either it doesn’t always matter. If it’s a dry clean garment, and you want that glossy look of rayon, then embroider with it.

On the other hand we now have trilobal polyester threads which have the sheen of rayon but are also quite strong.

You need to sew in order to do embroidery

Not really. They both use needle and thread, but that’s where the resemblance ends. Then again, people can do both.

Printing and other image systems have replaced embroidery

Not really. Jeans will not replace business suits or tuxedos; one is for formal wear, the other is for casual. It’s the same for embroidery, which is the more classy way to put an emblem or image on a piece of cloth.

If you want that classy look for uniforms or family items look into custom embroidery services with Sydney rainbow Embroidery.

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Waterview Wedding Photographer

Waterview in Bicentennial Park is a venue that is frequently used for formal occasions; such as school formals, business events and wedding photography. Waterview has a very open space to accommodate for weddings and space to walk around. As a venue, it provides for many photo opportunities. As Splendid has had a surmountable amount of experience in taking photographs, they would be more than capable in photographing a wedding in Waterview.

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Best legal means of Australian Immigration

Getting a Visa or a PR can be very difficult due to the complexity of Australian Immigration laws and policies & procedures. Hope Immigration assists their clients of all nationalities around the world in visa applications, skills assessment applications, health and character problems, merits review at the Tribunal and Ministerial Intervention requests. The head lawyer, Joshua is very experienced and trustworthy; the testimonials from his former clients have praised him highly for his professionalism and their satisfaction. Clients can always trust and have confidence in Hope Immigration lawyers to represent them in assessments. All migration agents are qualified and a professional consultation is compulsory in the initial stages. This is where the client will have opportunities to ask questions, to clarify issues and make informed decisions

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Printing for advertising banners, car decoration, promotional sticker

Nova Visual is a printing company specializing in large format digital printing. They offer prints for signage, banners, vehicle wrapping, car vinyl wrap and vinyl stickers. From promoting your business to designing event prints, Nova Visual produces high quality prints at a low price and short lead times. This means that your business can start promoting quicker and in more versatile types of promotion tools. Their processing form is very intuitive and easy to use. The client simply sends their image files, the subject of the message, the body of the message and then send.

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Plantation shutters and blinds, Sydney

A casual glance can confuse blinds and plantation shutters. Both have horizontal slates, both can control the amount of light and air. But blinds consist or just the horizontal slats, plantation shutters have a door-like frame to contain the slates. As such, plantation shutters give a little bit more flexibility.

Blinds do have the advantage when it comes to compactness; pull the string and the horizontal slats stack together into a small space. Modern metal blinds are even more compact than their earlier wooden counterparts. This is compact and the simplicity of the mechanism means malfunctions are unlikely.
Shutters also operate on a simple mechanism that rarely goes wrong. The frame is a simple door on hinges that folds to one side. This presumes some wall space, but little else. When first popular many generations ago these types of shutters were external, so any space they took up was outside the house; they were in no way intrusive to the people inside. Later, when used with glass windows, they became popular as indoor fixtures. Adjustments to the angle of the wooden slats allowed light and air to be easily controlled

Both shutters and blinds can have their horizontal slats on a motorized control. This is more than a gimmick. Strings are a safety hazard with young children who can easily choke. Motorized controls avoid these problems, and allow one to stand away from the window and observe the effect of opening and closing the shutters.

Plantation shutters can be used as something between a window and doorway on a balcony. One effective design for this is café shutters, which have a top and lower door that open separately. Each can have horizontal slats, but often the lower door is solid wood.

For blinds, plantations shutters or security doors talk to Sydney blinds.

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