CENTRE EYES – Other Good Use of Glasses

Glasses are often used to correct eye vision problems, or to provide safety by protecting against problems. Sometime, in the case of prescription sunglasses, they may do both.


  • Safety glasses protect the eyes when doing wood, metal or industrial work. These are just plain clear lenses, but very useful.
  • Safety glasses with inbuilt lights. These do exist and are quite useful. Hands free operation in the dark. Never have to worry about damaging your eyes when looking though an attic.
  • Amber lens driving glasses. Driving glasses were once as essential for cars as helmets were for motorcycles. The amber lens was thought to cut haze at a distance.
  • Welding glasses. These were once just dark. Now there are glasses and helmets that change when a sufficiently bright light is sensed.
  • Yellow lenses. Prone to melancholy? Especially during the winter seasons? Yellow glasses make the world look like a sunny day. The depressed person may be reluctant to initially put them on. But the effect is palpable.
  • Orange lenses. For late night wear. Blue light keeps us awake, and this included computer screens or mobile phones. Lenses that block blue light, when worn late at night, can make all the difference.
  • Polarized lenses. Mostly seen on sunglasses, these are very effective for reducing glare, which increases visibility. Used by pilots and some drivers.
  • Google glass or smart glasses. Displays useful computer information to the wearer.
  • Deep optic glasses. These automatically sense where the viewer is looking, at a near object or far, and adjusts the focus of the glasses accordingly. This is incredibly useful for individuals with complex eyesight problems, or those who cannot keep changing their glasses.


Glasses Crows Nest

Talk to you optician for the best glasses for your situation.

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TAURUS FLOORING – Sound Flooring Options

taurus flooring

A carpeted floor has two acoustic advantages. One is that it prevents those outside and downstairs from hearing our music, television, footsteps or domestic disagreements. The other is that it provides a less harsh acoustic environment for those inside. Where a hard surface reflects sound and provides a bright, harsh acoustic environment a carpeted floor is absorbing and creates a warm acoustic sound. Of course, other factors also contribute to this.


Sydney Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors tend to give acoustic properties that are similar to hardwood, though Bamboo can be slightly softer and this might make a slight difference. The internal sound of the room with bamboo flooring can be dramatically improved with a few thick rungs and heavy curtains; thick fabric furniture also helps. Avoid any situation where the walls are bare, the floors hard, and where there are sliding glass doors or large windows.


If there are potential problems with sound leaking outside, if the people downstairs complain about the noise you make, then acoustic underlay can help. This goes underneath the floor and prevents a lot of the vibration from travelling through the floor.


Sydney Laminate Flooring

Laminate does not offer the physical or acoustic softness of carpet, but it is far softer than polished wood or bamboo. If there is underlay the softness is further increases, as is the sound isolation from the downstairs neighbours. As laminate can be made to reproduce wooden flooring with reasonable accuracy it is possible to have both reasonable acoustics and the look of a polished wooden floor.


Sydney Engineered Flooring

A floating floor is sometimes referred to as en engineered floor or suspended, and consists of a surface suspended on rubber, or foam and not connected to the walls. This absorbs vibration and prevents it from being transferred outside, effectively attenuating noise from feet or other sources. Suspended floors are extremely effective for noise attenuation, but are expensive and a major part of the building’s design.

Floating floors can also refer to any flooring that is not permanently attached to the floor underneath. Despite the name the two floor designs should not be confused.

The term ‘engineered flooring’ can also refer to wooden planks made from several types of wood. This is different to a suspended engineered floor.


Sydney loose lay vinyl flooring

Loose lay vinyl flooring is a type of floating floor, used to provide an attractive and easy to clean surface.


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CLICK CLAD – Piping and Drinking Water

click clad drinking water

There are several areas where water might be contaminated, though the main two are the treatment plant where the water originated, and the pipes it travels through. Neither of these are designed to cause problems; designers and builders aim to reduce and eliminate problems with drinking water. But contamination issues are complex, there is not always agreement about problems and their causes, and there is always the possibility of discovering an issue that has previously gone unnoticed.


Chilled Water Pipe Cladding seems to cause fewer problems than other methods. It has been known for a while that hot water picks up some minerals when travelling through copper pipe cladding, but cold water seems to be much better. Cold water from the tap is much preferable to hot water through the same piping. Water for tea and coffee should obtained from the cold tap.


PVC piping seems to initially give a ‘waxy’ taste to water when first installed by pipe cladding companies. This quickly dissipates after a few day of use, and appears to be something inside the piping rather than the materials that make up the pipe itself. Nonetheless, there might be undesirable chemicals in the water, either from the pipe materials seeping into the water, or something that was in the water after it left the treatment plant.


Ultraviolet light (UV) does a lot for drinking water. It effectively destroys bacteria and other living substances. Purifiers can be bought at many places online, both as installed and portable devices. UV treatment seems to work best after the water has been filtered.


There are many types of water filter. Charcoal seems to be popular and effective. These tend to remove solid particles and chemicals, including the ones like chlorine that are deliberately added to the water. Filters can be installed as part of the plumbing or as part of a jug or cup. Remember to replace filter periodically, according to manufacturer’s instructions.


Water can also be distilled. This is simply a method where water is boiled into steam, with the steam then collected and cooled for drinking. Unfortunatly this removes too much from the water. Our body needs trace elements. If you distil water, add a very small amount of salt, lemon juice and a essential minerals.

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Hope Diamond

This is best known for its supposed curse. A blue colour, the Hope Diamond came from India, and was sold to the French King Louis 14th in 1668. It disappeared during the French revolution around 1792, with its royal owners being beheaded. This is recorded case of its owners being killed.

The next known owner, King George 4th of England, had to sell it to pay his debt; the next owner, Henry Phillip Hope (after whom the diamond was named) died in poverty, as did his whole family. Over the following decades many deaths, insanities and suicides were connected with the gem. It has been in the Smithsonian for the last 4 decades, with no further reports of accidents or misadventure.

Before being named ‘the Hope’ this diamond many have weighed an estimated 115 carats. It was cut to 45.5 carats to avoid identification.


Cullinan Diamonds

The largest rough diamond ever found, this was originally over 3000 carats. Discovered in 1905 the rough diamond was cut into nine large and many smaller stones a few years later. The largest of these, called the, Cullinan 1, weighed 530 carats, and was for many years the largest known cut diamond in the world.









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Restaurant Cleaning Sydney

Restaurants are a fairly high risk industry when it comes to staff health and safety. Staff interaction with the customers is another source of risk; the health and safety practices of the staff directly affect the customer. It is too easy for illnesses to spread to the public through the staff or lack of proper hygiene practices. Accidents follow a similar pattern. Proper codes of practice massively reduce the public’s risk of illness and other issues.


  • Sick staff are either sent home or used in areas that do not contact the public or any food; they can do the office data entry work.
  • Raw and cooked food cannot be mixed. Cooked food cannot be put on a plate that has had raw meat, fish or poultry. Colour coding utensils and plates might be a good idea.
  • Food is handled with gloves, and never contacted with hands.
  • Cooking and food preparation areas must have adequate lighting.
  • Floors must be of a type that cannot absorb food or liquids. This means hard surfaces that can be easily washed.


Restaurant owners should be well aware of regulations, and instruct all staff accordingly.


Retail Shop Cleaning Sydney

Retail shops may not always be subject to the same food criteria as restaurants, depending on the products they retail, but all industries have appropriate safety codes. Regular cleaning is always a part of proper practice for any industry.


Commercial Cleaning Sydney

Regular cleaning is essential for all commercial industries. Using outside professional cleaners insures a professional result, and frees up the regular staff for other duties. And a clean place of operation is always good for staff morale. Start each day with a clean workplace and be better for the experience.

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