Some Factors in Design



Our brains tend to like matching or contrasting colours.  Some creative individuals can picture this in their head and some up with a design that works. Other creative people do it by trial and error. If you are stuck, find a colour wheel and either look at colours on opposite sides of the circle, or divide the wheel three ways and go for a three way contrast.


Colour selection and contrast applied to everything from business suits to architecture and furniture. Use it to design plastic model decals or temporary tattoos. Remember that the surface colour where the decal is applied is also a consideration.



We find certain shapes and ratios pleasing. The ancient Greeks noticed that people found the golden ratio ( 1 to 1.618… ) very appealing, and used in in sculptures, art, vases, building and many other things. The same ratio crops up in many designs today, often unconsciously. People design many things using the golden ratio, even if they don’t actually know about it. They simply came up with something that looked right.


Circles, triangles and other neatly proportioned shapes are also pleasing, but they can be plain and obvious on their own. But if they are the underlying template behind other designs they can work to our advantage. Many painters created portraits over simple rectangles and circles. The painted portrait covers up the original geometric shapes, but we get the impression of the geometry when we see the final painting.



Perhaps the least discussed issue of design, but the one most noticed if it is missing. The pieces of any design must fit together into something coherent. Again, we often do this unconsciously; we think of the art we want to create, and put the pieces together as if they were meant to be a cohesive whole. Then again, some artists occasionally but deliberately pursue incoherence.


Guitar Decals might take many forms, from our individual musical inspiration to landscapes, logos or religious affiliation. The only requirement is that they look right on the surface of the guitar. Following the curves of the instrument tend to give a good effect.

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Preparing a Good Impression

Real Estate Photo Retouching

Some aspects of a properties appearance can be corrected with Real estate Photo Editing. A few aspects resist correction. And even if a photo can be made to look good the interested party will want to look at the actual physical property. Occasionally something at the property will deter a potential buyer. And this may ultimately reduce the sale price and the offers made. Changing as aspect of the housing can make a world of difference to the impression received by the potential buyer; and the cost of the change may well be less than the increase in perceived value.


  • Paint in neutral colours. If people remember or refer to the house by the colour, then it’s too vivid.
  • Neatly trimmed yard. If the property looks like it needs works, this is a deterrent. Else, if the garden looks undergrown with no lawn, people don’t like that either.
  • This makes the house look smaller, and give the impression that the place requires work and has been neglected. A neatly set up room is good; an empty clean room can also make a good impression.
  • Avoid any time piece look. If the house looks like it was from the psychedelic 60s you will have limited interest. Yet, a rustic country house and some classis styles can be very appealing to some buyers.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens tend to get noticed as lease as much as anything else – they are the hardest thing to renovate, and buyers know this. If the bathroom, kitchen and tiling look sweet, clean and functional you have an advantage.
  • Any art that visitors might not like will probably create a bad impression. Of course they can remove it if they do buy- but the bad first impression is in their mind. Real Estate Photo Retouching Services often remove this in images, but you will need to take anything extreme out of the house.
  • Keep storage space like wardrobes almost empty. This fells like the house has plenty of room.
  • Though it does not show in a photo a house should smell good. A house that looks good in a photo will create a very bad impression if it smells bad. Consider using an ozone generator for a day, and then find a nice, neutral smell with some essential oils.


Real Estate Photo Editing Services can make you property photos look like your house under the most ideal conditions; but you need to tidy the house so it lives up to the good impression.

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BITS malware

It seems there is always another way for attackers to sneak into your computer system. Presently some underhanded parties are abusing the Windows Background Intelligent Transfer System (BITS). After computer owners have their devices cleaned up with anti-virus software the BITS system is being misused to re-infect the machine.


BITS was created to transfer files when there was bandwidth available. The operator and computer continue to use the computer as normal; the BITS operates in the background to transfer information when the system is not too busy. There is a queue of jobs in BITS, with each job being given a certain amount of transfer time in succession. Each job in the queue has some of its data transferred, and leaves the queue when all its data is transferred.


Attackers and their malware are putting rogue jobs on the BITS.  These rogue jobs would cause the computer to download malware that would then re-infect the device. Even after the computer was cleaned with an anti-virus programme the malware would soon reappear. The malware included a command that causes the BITS to keep downloading the malware and reinfect the system no matter how many times the malware was removed. Computer owners are understandable frustrated.


Computer windows event logs do list these malicious malware transfers, but the details are limited and the problem is often goes unnoticed. Another reason why the problems goes unnoticed is that BITS is considered a trusted service and not subject to the computer’s firewall. Owners find the malware keeps reappearing, and cannot understand why.


Repair specialist will have to find way to deal with computers that have malware tasks on their Background Information Transfer Systems. Clearing all the BITS jobs would be one way; hopefully there is nothing that needed to be transferred, but at least this will not affect the files already on the system. At worse, BITS jobs expire after 90 days, meaning a cleaned up computer offline for this long will stop longer download malware. Of course, going offline for so long is impractical.  We need software to deal with this new backdoor to our computer systems.


Computer Repairs, Rhodes, Burwood, Concord, Homebush, Strathfield

At the first sign of problems have your computer checked by professionals. Even the latest anti-virus software may not protect against re-infection through the BITS.

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Advice For Timber Flooring Perth

Protect Timber Floors Perth

Even the hardest timber is prone to scratches; there are many other things harder than timber, so chairs, tables and high heeled shoes are all a risk. Protect the floor from scratches by using coasters under furniture legs. Have people remove shoes. Put down rugs where nessesary.


Repairs without Floor sanding Perth

Scratches can often be repaired, or at least concealed, by applying the same oil or coating originally used when installing the flooring. This works well with light scratches, where just the coating has been removed. Deep scratches are concealed by correcting the colour, but the lost wood cannot be restored.


Dents in untreated wood can sometime be fixed by applying a damp cloth and a hot iron. Move the iron around to prevent burning; the process takes a few minutes. Avoid this technique on polishes and oiled wood as it often causes discolouration.


Floor sanding Perth

Some people simply accept the idea that timber floors will need to be re-sanded every 10 years. Others take precautions, and find the floor suffers far less damage.


Laminate Timber Flooring Perth

Laminate is quite scratch resistant; the top layer is an artificial material resigned to be strong. But on the rare occasion when they do suffer damage there are very few repair options. Laminate cannot be sanded, though sometime damaged repair is simpily a matter of replacing the individual boards.


Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo that has been grown for 7 years has reached near optimal hardness. Compared to many hardwoods, which take decades to reach maturity, this is very quick. Yet bamboo has the same scratching issues as good quality hardwood – metal, stone and other objects are harder than wood or bamboo  and will easily cause damage.


Floor Sander Perth

Bamboo floors can be re-sanded many times, usually after a decade or continual use. Proper precautions will allow the bamboo floor to last much longer between sandings.


Floating timber floors Perth

  • A floating floor is constructed above a permanent, solid floor. As it is not permanently fixed it can be removed and replaced with minimal effort. If the floating floor suffers damage it is usually best to simply replace the damage section.

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Sydney Tower

Basically all Sydney Day Tours will include the Sydney Tower. It is the tallest building in the city so it can hardly go unnoticed. There is more than enough of interest about the tower to make it a worthwhile destination.


  • The Tower is the tallest structure in Australia, and the second tallest in the southern Hemisphere. Only Auckland’s Sky tower in New Zealand is taller.
  • Ever though it is not as tall as the Auckland tower its observation deck is higher, making it the highest observation deck on a human structure.
  • The Tower was called Centrepoint when opened in 1981. It has been renamed Centrepoint Tower, AMP Tower, Sydney Eye Tower and Westfield Tower as ownership changed.
  • The Tower and the shopping Centre it is built upon are presently owned by two different groups. The shopping Centre is owned by Westfield, who previously owned the tower as well. The tower is now owned by Merlin Entertainments, who also own the Sydney Aquarium and several other sites worldwide.
  • The tower has been seen in the background of films such as Mission Impossible 2, and Godzilla Final wars.
  • The structure includes a 4D cinema which plays footage of other Sydney locations.
  • The skywalk is the open air glass floored platform encircling Sydney Tower. It is 268 Metres above ground level.


Due to the common ownership by Merlin Entertainment there are several other sites, such as Oceanworld Manly, Sydney Aquarium, and Sydney Wildlife World, that offer multi-venue ticketing discounts. You can often visit three attractions or more at a huge saving provided you do so in the space of a few days.

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Benefits of physical training


Any physical training tends to have some benefits in other areas. The benefits are rather indirect, however. It is true that some martial arts will benefit your ability to play almost any sport, but the most direct path to improving any sport is almost always practicing that sport itself. Improving general fitness is obviously beneficial; it has even been show to improve mental functioning. That being said, the best way to improve something is usually to do the thing itself. At least part of this is motivation; if we are interested in something we are more motivated to pursue it.


That being said, sometime fundamentals for any pursuit seem monotonous. We may have trouble forcing ourselves to follow them. But is we want to get anywhere with any sport, art, musical proficiency or other interest we need the fundamentals.


Matters take on a different perspective when we factor in mental discipline. If any martial art helps our ability to focus then it will help in all factor of our life. What also helps is the knowledge of our own progress. We remember what we were like on the first day of a new task, and we can compare it to our present ability. The fact we are successful in one pursuit shows that we are able to be successful in at least some others. This gives us the type of humble confidence that says: I’m not yet able, but I can become able.


Taekwondo has been mentioned as beneficial in every area from child social skills to golf. The reasons given for this vary. We don’t suggest giving up your career or hobby just to pursue Taekwondo, but you may find taekwondo gives the others areas of your life the little boost they need. If physical or mental ability is a part of what you do, then marital arts will be of at least some benefit.

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