Karate Breath


Karate Breathing

Correct breathing seems to be a factor in all martial arts. If we get this wrong we compromise everything. Breathing is almost as fundamental for martial arts as it is for life. No breath, no life.


Exercise spends energy. The only ways to make more energy is by eating or breathing. Exercise will give us an energising effect by improving circulation; it utilizes the energy already in us. And in the long term the cumulative effects of exercise will allow us to have more energy at our disposal. But correct breathing and eating are essential for energy.


Our lungs are fairly large.  Many people get into the habit of using less than half of their lung capacity. Our lungs can be divided into 5 lobes, most people having three on the right. If we get into the habit of only using the lobes at the top of the left and right of our lungs we are only operating at part capacity. Over time it becomes harder to change breathing habits; older people may show atrophy in their lower lungs.


Karate Breathing Exercises

  • Find an area that does not have any pollutants in the air.
  • Find a comfortable position, lying down or sitting in a chair. Standing is ok if you have no other option.
  • Place your hands below your navel, so you can feel your abdomen move.
  • Breathe in slowly through your nose, and hold the breath. Fill your lungs up completely.
  • You should feel your abdomen expand as you breathe, not just your chest.
  • Breathe out through the mouth, taking 50% longer to breathe out that it took to breathe in.
  • Some people advise a 1-4-2 rule for this breathing – Note how long it takes to inhale; hold your breath 4 times as long as this. Then take twice as long for the exhale as it took for the inhale.
  • Try to do this three time a day.


As you learn some karate moves you will learn to exhale at the right time in order to optimize your strength.

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What to Consider When Buying Paint


Colour – There is no rule here, but the colour you paint the walls must suit the way you decorate the room. Floor colour is semi-permanent, second only to the floor. You can change both of these things, but this is a major task. Plan the colour in advance according to the way you intend to decorate the room.


A colour wheel is useful for this. The colours of the spectrum are arranged in a circle. Colours on the opposite side of the wheel provide a good contrast; you can choose furniture and wall colours accordingly. Else, colours spaced 120 degrees around the circle also work well together. Either choose furniture, curtains, blinds to match the wall colour, or choose the new wall colour to match the furnishings.


Sheen – This is the reflective quality of the paint. Old paint was glossy – a shiny look that reflected light. It could look good, but the shine tended to show any and every imperfection in the walls. Matt became popular when it was developed – the opposite of gloss this has a pleasant ‘chalky’ look. Gloss finish covers minor imperfections quite well.


Between gloss and Matt is semi-gloss and eggshell finish. Eggshell is a more recent development, but has proved so versatile that it has managed to quickly become the most popular choice.  It looks neat, covers imperfections, and is quite easy to clean.


There are also metallic paints and other variations. These are fine for trim, but are rarely used for walls.


Trim– The skirting boards, doors and window frames might be painted, or might be left a natural wood colour. The classic look is to paint these a slightly darker and glossier version of the wall colour. As window and door frames have a lot more contact with people’s hands this gloss helps to keep things easier to clean.


Durability – Rooms that often have children in them will benefit from a easier to clean paint. This used to mean gloss, but some modern eggshell finishes are also very good in this respect. Kitchens may also benefit from this type of paint. The investment in easier to clean surfaces is well worth while.


House Painters Sydney

Sydney Painting Services are fortunate in that they do not have to worry about weather extremes. This means paint lasts longer and only has to content with mild moisture or heat issues. This is all the more reason to have the painting done well- it will be there for many years to come.

Use the Painting Services Sydney has found the best, and enjoy the results.

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2016-08-19 17_32_43-Promotion - EasyGo Airport Shuttle

除此之外EasyGo還擁有使用NSW的BUS LANE使用權,有了BUS LANE,就不再需要擔心由悉尼機場前往市區的諸多交通不便,只需數十分鐘即可到達悉尼市區。我們除了提供市區-悉尼機場的點對點服務之外,我們也會到達熱門的市鎮,例如chatswood和eastwood等等,而臨近市鎮的交通價格,也僅僅是從30澳元開始,而絕大多數的巴士同行,價格都是50澳元開始算起,如果實惠的價格,即使您不是遊客而是本地居民,也絕對不要錯過,省去了您開車的麻煩,以最實惠的價錢就能接送您的家-機場來回,如此方便怎能错过?

選擇EasyGo,選擇專業而且實惠的悉尼機場巴士服務,訂票熱線:+61 0412 342 089

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悉尼拥有优美而且设备优良的港口设施,所以每年都有大量的豪华国际邮轮光临悉尼,帝王公主号作为国际闻名的豪华邮轮,每年的全球旅行必定选择悉尼作为南太平洋作为落脚点,在今年的9月27日,帝王公主号将会时隔一年再度来临悉尼,联合旅行社作为与Princess Cruises在悉尼旅行社中重要的合作伙伴之一,自然推出了品种多样的豪华游轮套餐,包括悉尼-斐济-夏威夷-新西兰的长期旅游,也有前往塔斯曼尼亚的短程旅游,也有悉尼-新西兰的中程旅游,各种各样的套餐总有一款满足您的需求,您可以完全定制属于你自己的澳洲自助游轮游。




豪华游轮预定热线:+61 (02) 9804 1600

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Karate Weapons


Karate is generally thought to mean ‘empty hand’ (though it might have once meant ‘Chinese hand’), so a karate weapon seems something of a contradiction in terms. Yet even as they never really appear in competition there are a few historical weapons in martial arts traditions. They still receive some exposure in a few popular films.



This is almost the simplest weapon imaginable – a solid pole. It has probably appeared in every culture art some point, dating back to the earliest civilizations. Almost anybody can make a staff, and while anybody can use it to attack an opponent very few can wield it effectively.  Like many martial arts weapons it is simple, relies on the skill of the practitioner, and is of little use in the hand on an untrained individual. Hence, if the opponent has your weapon, he will probably find it of limited use.

Despite its simplicity a good solid staff offers at least some protection against more complex weapons such as a sword.



This seems to have been used as a training tool for many generations, with its origin still uncertain. It may have been a makeshift horse bit, or originally used for rice threshing.  As a weapon its use is controversial. Certainly as a training device it helps develop skill and dexterity. But as for defence against an opponent it may not be a useful as the popular films suggest.  Certainly the skill required in using such a weapon means an untrained opponent cannot effectively use it against you.  But without this skill, which takes considerable time to develop, the weapon is worse than useless. People have been known to injure themselves when using nunchaku.

The legality of Nunchaku is a little strange- they are often prohibited in places that allow knives. In some places a qualified professional may obtain a licence.


Throwing Stars (Shuriken)

These are more accociated with ninjas and samurai than karate, but the traditions become crosses, especially because of popular culture. They tended to be military weapons, but in a supporting role. They could be thrown at an opponent to inflict an initial injury before attacking him with a sword. They could also be left embedded in the ground in order to injure an opponent’s foot. As these weapons could cause an infection they might prove fatal in some cases.

These weapons are quite illegal in most societies.

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随着智能手机的不断更新换代,越来越多的人不再是坐在电脑桌前上网,而是使用手机上网阅读最新的资讯和娱乐,购物更是家常便饭。掌握移动商机无限,最近火热的手游Pocketmon GO就是移动无限潜在商机的最好诠释。当今的年轻人,更愿意使用手机上网的原因是PC版的网站虽然华美,但是结构和导航系统复杂,年轻人往往因为难以查找所需信息而放弃浏览,由此一来,既给用户带来不好的体验,又流失了客户,因此,一个企业拥有一个友好的手机网站或者手机应用程序是势在必行的趋势,这不仅仅让客户有一个完整的电子商务体验,更大幅度提高了企业的形象。


GNA Web Design团队,作为悉尼网站制作和开发的行业里面的知名企业,不仅PC用户端网站开发技术精湛,而且同样具备丰富的手机网站和手机应用程序开发的经验。首先我们会为您量身订造一个PC端的网站,美观上为您和绝大多数相关行业客户喜欢的设计,在您拍板确定后,我们的设计人员会为您开发出保留PC端美术风格的手机网站,这样一来,比起那些相对结构简单的纯手机网站,您的网站不仅继承了手机网站的结构和导航方便易懂,还继承了PC端具有现代商业气息的企业网站风格,两者均取其所长,最终为您的网络营销建立了最好的品牌形象。

选择GNA Web Design团队,也是选择您的电子商务最大价值化的最短捷径。

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Running The Company, Or Running Yourself into The ground


Passion is great. Even if the activity takes up our time there is a lot to be said for doing that activity with passion. But if we need that time for other things we may have an issue. If you are running a company there is a temptation to do so many things yourself. But that will prove impossible and inefficient. The skill is finding what to delegate and what to keep directly under your control.


  • Never spend time doing things that you could hire others to do cheaply. If you run the company your time is worth more than the $20.oo per hour. You can hire a temp or assistant to do this work. The management tricks are to always have useful work for them to do, and to find the dependable individuals.
  • Find others to sort through data and provide the reports. This is a serious job; major decisions depend on reliable information. You should be looking to hire someone more capable (or more specialized in this particular field) than yourself.
  • If you do a lot of selling you might do well to hire others for the groundwork. Take over the sale when parties are interested. The buyer might react well when being handed over of the head of the company. When a deal is closed, tell those who did the groundwork that of lot of the credit belongs to them.
  • There tends to be a big picture and the details. Details can be important, and sometimes it can be hard to tell the significant factors from the minor; we don’t always know if it is a minor detail or not. But things that distract you from the big picture are a nuisance. Put the big picture in a place of priority, and emphasis everything that contributes to this.


Micromanaging is doing all the details yourself. The idea is to be a people manager; manage the overall operation, and manage those who are successfully running each of its departments.

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作为悉尼旅行社的中流砥柱,联合旅游推出了多种冬季观鲸套餐,小船自助游观鲸,也有大船观鲸,多种套餐定制。每年的冬天五月到十一月,巨大的鲸鱼都会季节性迁徙到了澳洲的海岸,它们都会从拜伦湾(Byron Bay)和哈维湾(Hervey Bay)向北迁徙。


我们会在每天都会安排船只驶出著名的悉尼港前往各个海角,优雅的座头鲸都会在冬季经此沿东海岸北上。尤其是七八月份,出海观鲸能碰到鲸鱼的概率高达90%。在陆地上,悉尼最好的观鲸地点是在南部海角 (South Head)的海口(The Gap),但是鲸鱼一般远离海岸线,所以观鲸的最好选择还是坐船出海。我们一般从五月起就开始组团,因为这个月开始我们就能在拜伦湾(Byron Bay)也能看见这些身形巨大、行动优雅的动物。在澳洲的最东点——拜伦角(Cape Byron)灯塔外的海域,鲸鱼会在离岸仅百米的碧波中嬉戏。从观鲸船的水底听音器里,您可以听见雄性座头鲸令人难忘的歌声。在悉尼以南的泽维斯湾海洋公 园(Jervis Bay Marine Park),您几乎可以在平静清澈的水域中看见鲸鱼游动。这里是一群群宽吻海豚的冬季家园。



观鲸热线:+61 (02) 9804 1600

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