There are a few modern trends for heathy drinks. Two popular options are juicing fruits and vegetables or blending them, with the emphasis on making the drink yourself. There are some advantages and disadvantages to both methods.



Juices are reasonably convenient. They can be made quite quickly if you have a juicing machine. And the minerals, nutrients and vitamins get straight into your system after you drink them, particularity if you drink them on an empty stomach. Juices also allow you to consume many vegetables by mixing them with fruits. This is an advantage if you find a few vegetables otherwise unpalatable.

The disadvantage is the amount of vegetables and fruit needed to make the juice. You do get a lot of nutrition in there, and you probably wouldn’t eat that many vegetables any other way. But it is more pricy than one might expect. And when you juice the ingredients the fibre is lost, so you digestive system is missing something essential, and you don’t feel full.


Juices need to be consumed almost immediately. They will be free from preservative, which is great; but this mean they don’t keep for long – perhaps a day if refrigerated.


Superfood Smoothies Australia

A Superfoods smoothie mix is pre-packaged for greatest convenience; you just need to add water. Because of the individually sealed packaging they require no preservatives or refrigeration. And the expense is less than the equivalent amount of fresh produce. Order superfoods smoothie online and always be supplied with a healthy option.

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Skin and Aging


There are many factors that affect the aging of our skin. Two of the most prominent are wrinkling from Ultraviolet light and Collagen underneath the skin. Luckily, both of these can be altered for the better with modern technology.


We can prevent the formation of fine lines in our skin, or at least delay their onset by several years, through avoiding Sun exposure. Ultraviolet light, the radiation just above the light that is visible to our eyes, causes ongoing damaged to our skin. It is not too difficult to avoid this damages and wear Sunscreen when outdoors, at least on our face. Choose a variety of sunscreen free from any harsh chemicals. We also suggests good quality UV Sunglasses. These practices prevent fine wrinkles.


Deeper lines and sagging of our skin is the result of collagen beneath the skin being lost. Over time loss of collagen makes our skin look loose and baggy. Preventing this through diet or lifestyle does not appear to be easy, but collagen can be noticeable improved with some clinical procedures. Ultherapy, which uses vibrations similar to ultrasound, and many light devices can help regenerate lost collagen. This works well for sagging jawlines, necklines or any loser facial skin.


Cosmetic fillers Bankstown

Deeper lines or facial scars may require cosmetic fillers. If we keep our skin in optimal health we reap greater benefits from these fillers, and heathier skin means we may put off cosmetic procedures for a few years.

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Intelligence and skill comes in many forms. Fine and coarse motor skills are one example. Our ability to move our body is a mixture on mental and physical abilities. Training mind and body is fundamental to martial arts, as well as many other physical activities.


Neuroscientists are still researching both fundamental question about how our brains work, to say nothing of the fine details. But we do have some understanding of the neurons and electrical charges that occur in our heads. Repeating a physical action, training for a martial art move, causes a certain pattern to occur in our head. Each repeat of the move causes the same pattern pathway to be followed. The more you repeat the technique the easier it is for the pathways in your mind to repeat the pattern.


Behaviourist scientists have observed similar phenomena for years without mentioning the brain. Behaviour is reinforced through repetition. It can become automatic, a reflex that does not require conscious decisions. This is almost common sense.


Martial Art Training

An advantage of this repletion and practice is that it affects performance under pressure. If we have only made moderate progress with a technique we tend to have a compromised performance when under exam conditions or suffering any stress. But the opposite happens when we become really advanced. When sufficiently proficient our ability becomes optimal in stressful situations. Given that martial arts are most needed in stressful situation, competitions or self-defence, this training is a priority. Martial art training aims to develop instinctive reactions that are there when we most need them.


Taekwondo training for self-defence or competition can teach us how to handle stress and the adrenalin rush of a legitimate threat. It is more than practiced techniques; it is psychological preparation for conflict.

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