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Foreign media phenomena offer the best of both worlds for many local fans. They are not overexposed like the popular English based media we see every day, meaning we are not desensitized to their appeal, but they have already proved their appeal with a large audience, and have a considerable range of available merchandise. Japanese cultural phenomena sometime prove popular in English speaking countries. Anime is one example, Gundam being only one longer lasting example.

 Anime Series Gumdam Australia

The Gundam Anime (cartoon) series started on Japanese television in 1979. It was quite revolutionary at the time, featuring giant robot like vehicles, piloted by humans, in fairly realistic combat situations. Elements of this had existed before in cartoon, but Gundam combined the elements in a new way and proved far more popular that earlier programmes. Gundam has since branched off into more than two dozen television shows and films, and inspired many imitators. It has produced countless merchandizing lines.

Merchandise Gundam Australia

Merchandise Gundam Australia

Models from the Gundam series are a major part of the Phenomena’s success. The original series only returned from cancelation due to the popularity of the first model kits based on the show a year later. The many spinoffs owe their success to this first model range aimed at children. Many latter models continued to prove very successful, with various companies producing different model ranges aimed at older viewers, varying in scale and made from plastic, metal or resin.


Part of the appeal of a robot, or a robotic suit in this case, is the combination it has of vehicle and character. Even without knowing the backstory a robot suit has a certain innate appeal.


Gundam plastic kits Australia

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