Restaurant Cleaning Sydney

Restaurants are a fairly high risk industry when it comes to staff health and safety. Staff interaction with the customers is another source of risk; the health and safety practices of the staff directly affect the customer. It is too easy for illnesses to spread to the public through the staff or lack of proper hygiene practices. Accidents follow a similar pattern. Proper codes of practice massively reduce the public’s risk of illness and other issues.


  • Sick staff are either sent home or used in areas that do not contact the public or any food; they can do the office data entry work.
  • Raw and cooked food cannot be mixed. Cooked food cannot be put on a plate that has had raw meat, fish or poultry. Colour coding utensils and plates might be a good idea.
  • Food is handled with gloves, and never contacted with hands.
  • Cooking and food preparation areas must have adequate lighting.
  • Floors must be of a type that cannot absorb food or liquids. This means hard surfaces that can be easily washed.


Restaurant owners should be well aware of regulations, and instruct all staff accordingly.


Retail Shop Cleaning Sydney

Retail shops may not always be subject to the same food criteria as restaurants, depending on the products they retail, but all industries have appropriate safety codes. Regular cleaning is always a part of proper practice for any industry.


Commercial Cleaning Sydney

Regular cleaning is essential for all commercial industries. Using outside professional cleaners insures a professional result, and frees up the regular staff for other duties. And a clean place of operation is always good for staff morale. Start each day with a clean workplace and be better for the experience.

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top carpet cleaning perth - a few stain removal tricks

 Nail Polish

Act promptly. As with all stains you have to resist the temptation to push the stain further in; blot the excess with a paper towel, do not rub. Start from the edges and work inward, to prevent the stain from spreading.

Use a non-acetone nail polish remover on a cloth to blot the stain out. Hair spray or rubbing alcohol can also work, but spot test in an inconspicuous place to make sure the carpet colour isn’t affected. Once the nail polish is gone, wash with mild detergent (dishwashing liquid) and warm water.


Blot the stain with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel, working from the outside edges to the inside. This may take some time. After the stain is gone you can remove the alcohol with warm water and detergent. If the shape of the ink blot causes a strong emotional reaction, consult a psychoanalyst.


Coffee stains are as common as coffee drinkers; in some households this means frequent stains. On carpet this is an issue.  For black coffee blot excess coffee with a towel, and then blot the stain with either a mixture of 2 part water to one part vinegar, or with diluted detergent. If there was any milk in the coffee add an enzyme laundry detergent. After rinsing with water cover with a paper towel to soak up the moisture.

Red Wine

Absorb as much liquid as possible with a cloth. Then try a mixture of baking soda and water (3 parts water, I part soda), or club soda, or diluted white vinegar, or a professional stain remover (follow the direction on the pack).

Some people claim white wine helps remove red wine stains. We cannot vouch for this method.

Grape Juice

This is not quite the same as red wine. Blot as with the other stains, and use either diluted ammonia (one tablespoon per 2 cups of water), or a cup of hydrogen peroxide with a tablespoon of detergent.

After any stain has affected your carpet you should seriously consider steam cleaning. For carpet cleaning, Perth based Top Carpet cleaning is recommend.


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aaa cleaning - strata cleaning

Strata Cleaning Sydney

People buy into strata housing partly because of the community and services provided. Staying clean is a service they take for granted. If the common areas of the strata are clean most people say nothing; if anything is wrong with the cleaning you will very quickly get complaints.

Strata do have staff, but their job is maintenance. Some staff work as janitors and clean on a regular basis, but this is not the normal arrangement. It is rather disheartening to only clean the one building over and over again, especially when one does not live there. Most strata outsource their cleaning, so there is more than one individual looking after the situation.

Professional outsourced cleaning staff will be reliable. The individual employees are trained for the job and know their performance is being monitored by the company. The company has a reputation to maintain; they won’t let the staff become negligent. Furthermore, if an individual cleaner is ill the company have replacement staff. Professional cleaning means the strata is in the hands of an organization rather than an individual.

There’s also flexibility. Professional cleaners work around the client’s schedule, not their own needs. With Strata this actually works well for both parties. Most office cleaning is done outside of business hours, meaning the cleaners are free during the day. This means strata cleaning can be done while most people are a work.

Professional cleaners have the heavy duty equipment. Few people use industrial vacuums and steam cleaning every day, so cannot afford the expense. Professional cleaning companies always use the high end products.

 Strata Cleaning Sydney

Professional cleaning of strata seems the best option. It costs less than a full time janitor and provides excellent results.


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aaa cleaning - office cleaning sydney

Ordinary aspects overlooked in office cleaning, Sydney

  • The old cliché is that the cleaner wouldn’t do windows. In domestic houses this cannot be overlooked, especially if children are present. In any offices the windows are not usually subject to the same level of use, but they still need regular cleaning.
  • Carpets get cleaned, but not always steam cleaned. If you have anybody other than yourself in the office the carpets will be subject to foot traffic. Get a steam cleaning every six months.
  • Smell – French author Proust wrote several volumes after being inspired by the smell of a pastry; our sense of smell affects us profoundly, even as we do not realize it. Make your office smell good and you might find in helps productivity. Certainly a bad smell, even if you are used to it, and compromise morale.
  • Dust on equipment. This mainly affects computers and peripherals these days, especially as they are used by individuals rather than a group. There is something about not touching other people’s belongings that prevents keyboards and other objects form being cleaned. Cleaners know that this needs to be done, and is not an invasion off security of personal space.
  • Kitchen equipment – not a matter of invading a personal space as a matter of not anybody’s specific duty. We wouldn’t out up with compromising health issue in our own kitchen; the office kitchen needs attention too.
  • Skirting boards. These just seem to accumulate dust and dirt. Carpet cleaners may not include them, and they get overlooked when the walls occasionally do get cleaned.

Hiring office cleaners Sydney

Office cleaners should be reliable and trustworthy. An established company willing to work outside of business hours will allow you to work without disruption. Having your office cleaned this way allows you to get on with the more important things in life.

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Looking for new Carpet – Synthetic Fibres

Of course different carpets have different advantages and disadvantages. Some of the general options for synthetic carpets are:

Carpet Material:

Nylon Carpets: a very popular choice, especially with areas that need frequent carpet cleaning. Nylon carpet is very soft, durable and resistant to stains.

Polypropylene Carpets: Similar to nylon, and nearly as soft, polypropylene is extremely durable and stain resistant. As a material it is considered low hazard as long as it is not use for containing food. For carpeting it is resilient, with only substances like glue causing any problems.

Polyester: Polyester can have the most vibrant colours, and never really suffers from fading. There are no issues with allergies and because it can be made from recycled plastic it is about as eco-friendly as one could ask.

Carpet Styles:

Uncut carpet Pile: Basically one long loop of string, left uncut and used to make the surface of the carpet. These are popular, easy to clean, stain resistant and tend to not suffer from footprints or other indentations. . On the down side they are not as soft as other options and occasionally things can get caught in the carpet loop. Because of the tendency for things to get caught some consider these unsuitable for home with pets.

Cut carpet Pile: This is another soft carpet which is easy to clean, but it has a tendency to show footmarks and indentations. The indentations can usually be brushed out, but these carpets do suffer wear faster than other carpets and require more frequent replacing. Many owners consider the appeal of the carpet to outweigh the shorter life expectancy.

Frieze Cut Pile: This uses tightly twisted and kinked strands, giving a highly durable surface that tends to hide dirt and wear. A good choice for stronger traffic areas.

Plush carpet: a very rich and luxurious surface, but very prone to wear. This is impressive looking with frequent carpet cleaning and fine for low traffic area where people always remove shoes.

Talk to top Carpet cleaning in Perth for the best advice on professional carpet cleaning and what carpets would suit your home best.

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The hidden cause of allergies and illness


It is important to clean your house. Over time dust and dirt builds up which can cause a lot of discomfort in the home. It can also be harmful to your bodies, especially those with asthma and respiratory issues. In theory it makes sense to clean your home, however with people living busy lives it is sometimes difficult to set time for house cleaning. CHC Cleaning is a cleaning company that offers cleaning services varying from Home Cleaning to Commercial Cleaning to Mattress Cleaning. Always good clean specialises in mattress cleaning; their process is very thorough. Firstly they examine your mattress, secondly they get rid of any dust mites, spores, pet dander, and common household debris using their HEPA Filter System, thirdly they use UV Disinfection technology to get rid of any germs and sterilize the mattress, fourthly they apply dust mite control patches to the areas of the mattress to prevent mites and finally they make sure the home is fresh by cleaning and removing dust in the air.

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Cleaning Throughout History

  • 5000 B.C. Babylonians, amongst the first to live in cities, discovered that unclean water caused health problems. Fresh water was made a priority.
  • 3000 B.C. Indus Valley civilization has some form of sewerage system, using drains in the street and obtaining clean water from wells.
  • 400 B.C. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek father of Medicine, realized that cleaning could prevent wounds and skin injuries from being infected. Amongst other things Hippocrates saw that diseases were natural in origin, not spiritual curses. They also had natural measures that could be taken to treat them.
    Romans had running water in aqueducts, decent sewage systems and were fond of regular bathing. They also collected urine for washing purposes. Urine turns into ammonia, so this actually worked well for some applications.
  • DARK AGES A lot of the ideas about hygiene were lost, and sanitation was poor; inevitable there was a horrible increase in disease and mortality. This may have varied greatly with social class. Soap existed in many European countries from the 6th century, but did not reach England till after the 11th.
  • 19th century Borax, a precursor to and ingredient of many detergents is used. Soluble in water this proved better than soap and hot water.

    Books on housekeeping, such as Beetons Book of Household Management and Housekeeping in Old Virginia prove popular. They combined cooking guides and recipes with house cleaning methods. Over time these types of publications separated into the modern cookbook and household hint publications.

    Clothes were cleaned by beating the dust out of them, and then treating with a stiff brush. There was a distinction between outer-clothing and under-clothing, which kept the outer-clothing from touching the skin. This at lease kept the outer-clothing in good condition. Like modern suit jackets outer clothing did not need frequent washing. The familiar image of clothes being boiled in a pot, scrubbed on a washboard and put through a wringer seems to have only applied to the under-clothing.

    Porcelain and China was cleaned with Fuller’s Earth, a mildly abrasive powder. This was actually good for absorbing grease and oil, and it is still used today as a facial treatment.

    Carpets were actually rugs, and were cleaned by beating them with rods. Ink spots were removes with a lemon, oil stains with hot white bread! Carpets were often made reversible (ingrain carpets, at least) sometimes with reversed patterns on opposing sides. Carpets could be turned over if one side was worn, or if summer and winter required a lighter or darker look.

    Some advice books recommended tea leaves or freshly cut grass for cleaning carpets, this was supposed to remove dust. These tended to produce stains of their own. Some liquid methods were used for spot stains. There was debate whether a carpet lasted longer if cleaned infrequently or more regularly. The dirt left from infrequent cleaning was though to wear away the carpet (there is some truth to this); the cleaning process itself was also thought to cause carpet wear. Modern techniques, which cause very little wear, now strongly favour more frequent cleaning.

  • 1934 Almost modern carpet cleaning methods arrive. Soap jelly was prepared in a bowl, subjected to an egg beater till it had the consistence of cream or lather. Carpets were washed with this soap jelly in small sections at a time, the suds being removed first with a damp cloth, then with clean water.

Office, strata and home cleaning benefit greatly from the cleaning advancements made in the last few generations. Call Sydney’s AAA cleaning for the latest home and carpet cleaning techniques.

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