There are a few modern trends for heathy drinks. Two popular options are juicing fruits and vegetables or blending them, with the emphasis on making the drink yourself. There are some advantages and disadvantages to both methods.



Juices are reasonably convenient. They can be made quite quickly if you have a juicing machine. And the minerals, nutrients and vitamins get straight into your system after you drink them, particularity if you drink them on an empty stomach. Juices also allow you to consume many vegetables by mixing them with fruits. This is an advantage if you find a few vegetables otherwise unpalatable.

The disadvantage is the amount of vegetables and fruit needed to make the juice. You do get a lot of nutrition in there, and you probably wouldn’t eat that many vegetables any other way. But it is more pricy than one might expect. And when you juice the ingredients the fibre is lost, so you digestive system is missing something essential, and you don’t feel full.


Juices need to be consumed almost immediately. They will be free from preservative, which is great; but this mean they don’t keep for long – perhaps a day if refrigerated.


Superfood Smoothies Australia

A Superfoods smoothie mix is pre-packaged for greatest convenience; you just need to add water. Because of the individually sealed packaging they require no preservatives or refrigeration. And the expense is less than the equivalent amount of fresh produce. Order superfoods smoothie online and always be supplied with a healthy option.

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Intelligence and skill comes in many forms. Fine and coarse motor skills are one example. Our ability to move our body is a mixture on mental and physical abilities. Training mind and body is fundamental to martial arts, as well as many other physical activities.


Neuroscientists are still researching both fundamental question about how our brains work, to say nothing of the fine details. But we do have some understanding of the neurons and electrical charges that occur in our heads. Repeating a physical action, training for a martial art move, causes a certain pattern to occur in our head. Each repeat of the move causes the same pattern pathway to be followed. The more you repeat the technique the easier it is for the pathways in your mind to repeat the pattern.


Behaviourist scientists have observed similar phenomena for years without mentioning the brain. Behaviour is reinforced through repetition. It can become automatic, a reflex that does not require conscious decisions. This is almost common sense.


Martial Art Training

An advantage of this repletion and practice is that it affects performance under pressure. If we have only made moderate progress with a technique we tend to have a compromised performance when under exam conditions or suffering any stress. But the opposite happens when we become really advanced. When sufficiently proficient our ability becomes optimal in stressful situations. Given that martial arts are most needed in stressful situation, competitions or self-defence, this training is a priority. Martial art training aims to develop instinctive reactions that are there when we most need them.


Taekwondo training for self-defence or competition can teach us how to handle stress and the adrenalin rush of a legitimate threat. It is more than practiced techniques; it is psychological preparation for conflict.

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Causes of Decay

Regular brushing is the most obvious, and probably the most important factor in preventing decay. But it does not work in isolation. Other factors include:

Beneficial factors

  • A healthy diet
  • Lower stress levels.
  • Keeping sticky or acidic foods off teeth; drink soda through a straw.
  • Exercise for good general health.
  • Keep your immune system healthy; the exercise helps, as do certain foods.
  • Avoid toxins in the air, food or environment in general. These compromise health an immune system functioning.

Teeth decay because of:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Excess sugar
  • Lack of minerals and micronutrients, including copper, iron and manganese.
  • Poor circulation
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor general health
  • Some illnesses
  • Increase susceptibility when pregnant.
  • Failure to clean teeth.
  • Injured or infected teeth and gums that compromise general health, i.e.: impacted or infected wisdom teeth.
  • Hereditary factors not fully understood
  • Other factors not fully understood.

Earlier theories about decay saw bacteria and the interaction with sugars as the fundamental cause of tooth decay. This is controversial as adjacent surfaces exposed to the same amounts of bacteria and sugar so not always suffer in the same way; one can decay as the other remains unaffected.


Some research indicates that the flow of fluids through the teeth is important for preventing tooth decay. When the fluids flow properly the tooth strongly resists decay. Hormone levels and the amount of sugar in the diet affect the fluid flow. Rectifying this dietary factor may go a long way to preventing dental problems such as tooth decay.


Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

Any dental concerns should be immediately checked by a dentist. Removing faulty wisdom teeth can prevent further health problems from occurring. The interconnected body we have is greatly influenced by our dental health, and our dental health is affected by out health in general.

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  • Taekwondo is the national sport of South Korea.
  • TKD is a mixture of earlier Korean martial arts and Japanese arts like karate and jujitsu. The Japanese occupied Korea in the early part of the 20th century, and though the political situation was aggressive the influence of the martial arts was positive.
  • Unlike most martial arts Taekwondo was standardised in the generation after the Korean War (the late 1950s onward). Where most martial arts vary considerably between the various teachers and schools TKD is quite consistent.
  • Taekwondo is almost the only martial art at the Olympic (the other is Judo). The standardisation of the art in almost all countries is one on the major reasons why it can be practiced at the Olympic level (Other martial arts are scheduled for the upcoming Olympics).
  • North Korean Taekwondo exists, but it has a set of standards that are slightly different. Nobody it too sure on the extent of the differences, but it is enough to prevent them competing in the Olympics.
  • TKD is part of the military training in South Korea.
  • Unlike the Japanese martial arts that influenced it TKD emphasises Kicks. Many of the earlier martial arts emphasised strikes with the arm.
  • Even though the legs are emphasized TKD training includes effective blocks, punches, sweeps, throws and other techniques.
  • Like many leading martial arts there is a great deal of emphasis on the mental aspects of the practice. Many individuals find this the most beneficial aspect of the training. A good mindset allows more rapid progress in other areas, including physical fitness.
  • The injury rate of Taekwondo is lower than most other martial arts, especially mixed martial arts. However, injuries are more frequent than in other sports.

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Karate Breath


Karate Breathing

Correct breathing seems to be a factor in all martial arts. If we get this wrong we compromise everything. Breathing is almost as fundamental for martial arts as it is for life. No breath, no life.


Exercise spends energy. The only ways to make more energy is by eating or breathing. Exercise will give us an energising effect by improving circulation; it utilizes the energy already in us. And in the long term the cumulative effects of exercise will allow us to have more energy at our disposal. But correct breathing and eating are essential for energy.


Our lungs are fairly large.  Many people get into the habit of using less than half of their lung capacity. Our lungs can be divided into 5 lobes, most people having three on the right. If we get into the habit of only using the lobes at the top of the left and right of our lungs we are only operating at part capacity. Over time it becomes harder to change breathing habits; older people may show atrophy in their lower lungs.


Karate Breathing Exercises

  • Find an area that does not have any pollutants in the air.
  • Find a comfortable position, lying down or sitting in a chair. Standing is ok if you have no other option.
  • Place your hands below your navel, so you can feel your abdomen move.
  • Breathe in slowly through your nose, and hold the breath. Fill your lungs up completely.
  • You should feel your abdomen expand as you breathe, not just your chest.
  • Breathe out through the mouth, taking 50% longer to breathe out that it took to breathe in.
  • Some people advise a 1-4-2 rule for this breathing – Note how long it takes to inhale; hold your breath 4 times as long as this. Then take twice as long for the exhale as it took for the inhale.
  • Try to do this three time a day.


As you learn some karate moves you will learn to exhale at the right time in order to optimize your strength.

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Benefits of physical training


Any physical training tends to have some benefits in other areas. The benefits are rather indirect, however. It is true that some martial arts will benefit your ability to play almost any sport, but the most direct path to improving any sport is almost always practicing that sport itself. Improving general fitness is obviously beneficial; it has even been show to improve mental functioning. That being said, the best way to improve something is usually to do the thing itself. At least part of this is motivation; if we are interested in something we are more motivated to pursue it.


That being said, sometime fundamentals for any pursuit seem monotonous. We may have trouble forcing ourselves to follow them. But is we want to get anywhere with any sport, art, musical proficiency or other interest we need the fundamentals.


Matters take on a different perspective when we factor in mental discipline. If any martial art helps our ability to focus then it will help in all factor of our life. What also helps is the knowledge of our own progress. We remember what we were like on the first day of a new task, and we can compare it to our present ability. The fact we are successful in one pursuit shows that we are able to be successful in at least some others. This gives us the type of humble confidence that says: I’m not yet able, but I can become able.


Taekwondo has been mentioned as beneficial in every area from child social skills to golf. The reasons given for this vary. We don’t suggest giving up your career or hobby just to pursue Taekwondo, but you may find taekwondo gives the others areas of your life the little boost they need. If physical or mental ability is a part of what you do, then marital arts will be of at least some benefit.

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Rhinitis Treatment Sydney


The nose and nasal cavities have several important functions. The most obvious functions are breathing and allowing a sense of smell. It is less well known that the sense of taste is closely linked to smell, such that we can hardly taste anything if our nasal functions are compromised. Other less known facts include the nasal passages also acting as a filter to remove noxious stimuli form the surrounding air and the nose providing slightly warmer air than the mouth. Restricting airflow through the nose compromises all these function. And if the restricted airflow is caused by an illness any cold air from the mouth and reduced filtering of the nose will actually aggravate the condition. Clearing the nose is one step towards better health, or at least help the body fight back.

Rhinitis Cure Sydney
When rhinitis is caused by an allergy it is sometime simply a matter of removing the allergy’s cause. This can be difficult in the case of pollens or airborne pollutants; it is sometime difficult to trace down the cause at all. If the rhinitis is caused by an illness it will not last longer than the ill health. But we strongly suspect the rhinitis is prolonging the illness, and not simply an inconvenient side-effect. But even if this is not so, helping remove the rhinitis will provide significant relief to the sufferer of any associated illness.

Rhinitis Clinic Sydney
Acupuncture always aims at optimizing the body’s health. A body that is operating at optimal levels is far better at dealing with problems than a body that is suffering any compromise. Rhinitis can be the symptom of an illness, or a problem in itself; but alleviating the rhinitis will always improve the individual’s health and certainly provide relief from discomfort.

In addition to the aforementioned problems, a blocked nose reduces the amount of nitric oxide in the body, leading to lethargy and a melancholy mood. It also tends to cause snoring, which leads to tiredness. Increasing nitric oxide and getting a better night’s sleep are key to good health, the very thing sought when we are ill.

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悉尼韩方医学诊所: 全方位治疗青春痘



青春痘虽然出现在皮肤表面,但是造成青春痘的原因却是在体内.如果内部原因不解决, 青春痘是无法永久根治,将伴随大家走过青春期。尽管青春痘的症状基本没有区别,但是致病因素各不相同。所以,针对不同的人群使用不同的疗法。我们使用中草药疗法净化患者身体,大多数经过中药治疗的患者,体质和肤色都得到显著改善。中药治疗能从源头扼杀青春痘的形成,减少复发的可能。




前面的两种治疗方式都是为中轻度青春痘患者量身定制,对于中重度青春痘患者,我们也有对应的治疗手段,我们有安全无菌的环境来为你清除黑头粉刺,清除毛囊堵塞 (强烈不建议增加洗脸次数来尝试清除青春痘) 。事实上污垢不会引起脸部色斑。与商业宣传相反,毛孔不会被表面的污物堵塞。皮肤深部的毛囊壁堵塞才是痤疮的发病原因。过度清洗不仅不能防止痤疮发生,相反还会导致毛囊口堵塞。使用毛巾擦洗还会使毛孔发炎。其次,我们有特色的再生针灸治疗法来防止青春痘的复发和色素沉着,帮助皮肤组织快速恢复。



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韩方医学诊所: 悉尼治疗青春痘的最佳选择




事实  污垢不会引起脸部色斑。与商业宣传相反,毛孔不会被表面的污物堵塞。皮肤深部的毛囊壁堵塞才是痤疮的发病原因。过度清洗不仅不能防止痤疮发生,相反还会导致毛囊口堵塞。使用毛巾擦洗还会使毛孔发炎。最好的方法是用双手轻轻清洗,而且一天只洗两次。


事实  压力大会影响内分泌系统,因而理论上可能会引起痤疮。事实上,压力并不是青春痘的主要发病原因。某些精神科药物可能会导致青春痘,但是压力本身不会引起青春痘。与其担心压力引起青春痘,不如多花时间研究怎么治疗青春痘。


事实  这种误解源于17世纪,是为了劝阻年轻人手淫,事实上这并没有什么科学依据。青春痘的发病与雄激素水平相关。高雄激素可能会增加性行为的动力。因此,不是性行为本身加重青春痘,而是引起性行为增加的雄激素引起青春痘。


事实  短时间内,日晒可以晒红皮肤,遮盖痤疮引起的红斑。事实上,日晒斑只是皮肤损伤。治疗青春痘的同时,保护现有的皮肤非常重要。日晒可能会激惹皮肤,加重青春痘。人们发现,日晒后皮肤会出现脱皮,短期内痤疮看上去好转,长期下去只会加重青春痘。阳光并不是一无是处,日晒可以帮助我们的皮肤合成维他命D。青春痘好发部位应限制日晒,但偶尔晒晒太阳是没有问题的。


事实  目前没有证据表明青春痘与饮食有关。的确,某些过着原始生活的土著居民完全不长青春痘,这与现代社会痤疮广泛流行形成了鲜明的对比。这是否与饮食习惯不同相关呢?这的确值得思考,值得进一步研究。然而,即使青春痘与饮食有关,我们也不可能恢复我们祖先的饮食习惯。



我们的治疗不单有效,并且含有极少的副作用,全天然的治疗方法,完全不使用化学药剂。针对不同患者的身体条件,作出不同的治疗方案,做到”私人定制” 。我们的诊所环境幽雅,为患者提供最舒适的环境.我们的医师经验丰富,手法纯熟,保证治疗效果的最大有效化。综合的疗程把青春痘和痘疤一并处理,为患者节省时间和金钱。


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mj clinic - acupuncture and massage strathfield

Most effects of acupuncture massage are good, but some are a reaction to an underlying issue. The effect isn’t bad; it’s normal, given that the individual isn’t in absolutely perfect health. If we were in perfect health we wouldn’t have gone for a massage!

Sometimes things seem to get a little worse before they feel better. Make no mistake, they are actually getting better, it just feels uncomfortable at first; like losing a bad habit or giving up an addiction.

 Symptoms – Massage Burwood

Sometimes the very symptoms we went to have treated seem to get worse. This is termed a healing crisis. Your body is returning to correct functioning, and you healing systems is starting to work. You are probably experiencing heightened sensitivity, which means you notice bodily sensations that were previously in the background. You are also probably loosening muscles that you previously held tight. This can be simultansously uncomfortable and gratifying. Ever go on a skiing and feel sore because of all those muscles you don’t usually use? You muscles will be better for the experience, and there can be a gratification in this tiredness.

Tiredness – Massage Concord

It is not uncommon to feel fatigue after a massage.  Many people feel more energy, especially if they are regular patients. But after the first few sessions you might well feel tired.  This is neither unpleasant or a cause for concern. The tiredness feels like a continuation of what you felt during the massage. After a bath a nights rest you will better than your usual self.

Soreness – Acupuncture and Massage Homebush.

Were this only acupuncture it would seems obvious to the naïve- of course sticking things into me will make me sore; I’m surprised it isn’t worse! But the point is the treatment is helping. Like the recently exercised muscles the soreness is a sign of improvement.

Massage and acupuncture might be considered alternative aprouches by some, but they are very effective for many conditions, or just for feeling a lot better. Try an alternative to your present lifestyle, and find something new.

MJ Clinc offer massage and acupuncture for Strathfield, Concord, Homebush and Burwood.

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