Tiles Flooring Perth

Tile remain one of the most popular flooring options for many rooms of the house. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and increasingly spa or swimming areas require waterproof floors, and while stone is now also a good option traditional tiles remain a solid and popular choice. Tile come in every colour so they can suit any décor.


Ceramic Floor Tile Perth

These are an economical choice, yet they are long lasting and fairly durable. Many ceramic tile surfaces last for decades under reasonable conditions; and if they are damaged they are fairly easy to replace.

Ceramic tiles have a diverse and vibrant colour range.

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Porcelain Tiles Perth

These are a very durable option, making them ideal for floors subjected to harder conditions. Unlike some cheaper options the colour of the tiles is consistent through the entire material, and not just in the surface, so if they do suffer wear the colour remains the same.

As well as being available in many colours modern porcelain tiles can realistically imitate the look of timber of stone while still remaining moderately inexpensive.


Timber Flooring Perth

Of course tiles are not the only option. There are many varieties of timber flooring, and timber is durable, stable and available for staining in almost any colour. Solid timber is a great option for many rooms of the family home.

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Designing cheaper to run Homes

As with many complex project there is no one factor or idea that works for all economical building designs. What keeps buildings warm in winter may keep them too hot in summer; we need to approach climate in terms of keep temperatures stable. Likewise, windows can cut the cost of lighting, but they can increase the cost of temperature control, unless designed accordingly.

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Some data:

  • Walls tend to keep in the heat more than windows. They are cheaper too.
  • Brick Veneer cost about $100.oo per square meter; double glazed windows cost $350.oo per square meter.
  • Insulation for walls cost about $10.oo per square meter, $17.oo for ceilings.
  • Good seals around doors and windows help with heating costs.
  • Windows aimed towards the Sun help with light and heating, but these will also loose heat at night or when the sun has moved during the day.
  • Allowing a breeze through the house will reduce cooling costs in summer.
  • Hot air rises. If you find a way to let the hot air escape the house will be cooler.


Window Tinting Perth

Tinted windows block the Infrared light that heats up housing, and the UV light that damages carpet and furniture (and which also causes sunburn). Yet they allow all the visible light through, so you need not use electrical lighting during the day.

Tinted windows save money with lighting and heating costs.


House Window Tinting Perth          

Tinted windows can be incorporated into designs for new houses or added to existing homes. They will always have some advantages, lowering heating and cooling costs and virtually eliminating damaging UV light.

Consider adding tinted film to your home’s windows.


Car Window tinting Perth

All the advantages of window tinting apply to cars. Tinted film on the windows makes a huge difference in the summer heat, and tends to look quite stylish too.

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Advice For Timber Flooring Perth

Protect Timber Floors Perth

Even the hardest timber is prone to scratches; there are many other things harder than timber, so chairs, tables and high heeled shoes are all a risk. Protect the floor from scratches by using coasters under furniture legs. Have people remove shoes. Put down rugs where nessesary.


Repairs without Floor sanding Perth

Scratches can often be repaired, or at least concealed, by applying the same oil or coating originally used when installing the flooring. This works well with light scratches, where just the coating has been removed. Deep scratches are concealed by correcting the colour, but the lost wood cannot be restored.


Dents in untreated wood can sometime be fixed by applying a damp cloth and a hot iron. Move the iron around to prevent burning; the process takes a few minutes. Avoid this technique on polishes and oiled wood as it often causes discolouration.


Floor sanding Perth

Some people simply accept the idea that timber floors will need to be re-sanded every 10 years. Others take precautions, and find the floor suffers far less damage.


Laminate Timber Flooring Perth

Laminate is quite scratch resistant; the top layer is an artificial material resigned to be strong. But on the rare occasion when they do suffer damage there are very few repair options. Laminate cannot be sanded, though sometime damaged repair is simpily a matter of replacing the individual boards.


Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo that has been grown for 7 years has reached near optimal hardness. Compared to many hardwoods, which take decades to reach maturity, this is very quick. Yet bamboo has the same scratching issues as good quality hardwood – metal, stone and other objects are harder than wood or bamboo  and will easily cause damage.


Floor Sander Perth

Bamboo floors can be re-sanded many times, usually after a decade or continual use. Proper precautions will allow the bamboo floor to last much longer between sandings.


Floating timber floors Perth

  • A floating floor is constructed above a permanent, solid floor. As it is not permanently fixed it can be removed and replaced with minimal effort. If the floating floor suffers damage it is usually best to simply replace the damage section.

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top carpet cleaning perth - a few stain removal tricks

 Nail Polish

Act promptly. As with all stains you have to resist the temptation to push the stain further in; blot the excess with a paper towel, do not rub. Start from the edges and work inward, to prevent the stain from spreading.

Use a non-acetone nail polish remover on a cloth to blot the stain out. Hair spray or rubbing alcohol can also work, but spot test in an inconspicuous place to make sure the carpet colour isn’t affected. Once the nail polish is gone, wash with mild detergent (dishwashing liquid) and warm water.


Blot the stain with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel, working from the outside edges to the inside. This may take some time. After the stain is gone you can remove the alcohol with warm water and detergent. If the shape of the ink blot causes a strong emotional reaction, consult a psychoanalyst.


Coffee stains are as common as coffee drinkers; in some households this means frequent stains. On carpet this is an issue.  For black coffee blot excess coffee with a towel, and then blot the stain with either a mixture of 2 part water to one part vinegar, or with diluted detergent. If there was any milk in the coffee add an enzyme laundry detergent. After rinsing with water cover with a paper towel to soak up the moisture.

Red Wine

Absorb as much liquid as possible with a cloth. Then try a mixture of baking soda and water (3 parts water, I part soda), or club soda, or diluted white vinegar, or a professional stain remover (follow the direction on the pack).

Some people claim white wine helps remove red wine stains. We cannot vouch for this method.

Grape Juice

This is not quite the same as red wine. Blot as with the other stains, and use either diluted ammonia (one tablespoon per 2 cups of water), or a cup of hydrogen peroxide with a tablespoon of detergent.

After any stain has affected your carpet you should seriously consider steam cleaning. For carpet cleaning, Perth based Top Carpet cleaning is recommend.


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hi car wash

The Car Wash is more of a cultural phenomenon than what one would expect. Google the term and you will find popular songs, television episodes and at least one film. Very few people write songs about cleaning windows or floors. Cars are important to their owners and car washes are culturally iconic.


It has been the convention wisdom for years that automatic drive through car washes are bad for the exterior paint of your vehicle. This is at least partly myth. Car wash facilities have been around since at least the 1920s, though the automatic versions didn’t really start till the 1950s. These earlier cleaning systems tended to use harsh brush rollers to clean the car surface, along with harsh detergents. These steadily wore at the paint, and people noticed the effect after a few years.  Later car wash systems used only super cleaned water, with no solid surface touching the car. This removed virtually all risk of damaging the paint. There were also detergents developed that did not cause problems.


To confuse matters many home washing techniques cause problems. It varies greatly with the materials used, but many sponges used for car cleaning actually ruin the surface of the car. Ironically the attachments designed to fit over the end of a hose, the ones specifically designed to clean cars, were found to cause the most damage. This matter was compounded by the amount of water used. The average domestic house hose had insufficient pressure to properly clean a car surface, meaning more water and more use of the sponge was required. Worst of all the water, and the detergent it now contained, both entered the water supply and contaminated the surrounding soil.


The environmental effects of a well-run car wash are less than that of home washing. With the professional system the water is reclaimed, filtered and reused at least to some degree. This process serves to reclaim detergents and other substances, preventing them from entering surrounding soil or the local water supply. Energy use in commercial car washes is also kept to a minimum.

Hi car wash, the definitive car wash in Perth, uses a combination of hand-washing and modern techniques. This makes for a well-kept car, almost no risk of vehicle damage, and the best present option for reducing environmental impact.

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Luna Deco

Just moving into a new house? Renovating? Thinking about changing the interior design of a room? These are frequent questions of house owners. Changing the interior of a room can change its atmosphere and ultimately your mood. One way of doing this is to consider wallpapers. Luna Deco (based in Perth) provides custom wallpapers designed and made precisely to fit the size of your wall. Another product that Luna Deco offers are designed roller blinds. It is such a creative way of adding some extra vibe and character to the room. A catalog presenting their wide range of designs can be viewed on their website. Definitely worth checking them out!

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