Running The Company, Or Running Yourself into The ground


Passion is great. Even if the activity takes up our time there is a lot to be said for doing that activity with passion. But if we need that time for other things we may have an issue. If you are running a company there is a temptation to do so many things yourself. But that will prove impossible and inefficient. The skill is finding what to delegate and what to keep directly under your control.


  • Never spend time doing things that you could hire others to do cheaply. If you run the company your time is worth more than the $20.oo per hour. You can hire a temp or assistant to do this work. The management tricks are to always have useful work for them to do, and to find the dependable individuals.
  • Find others to sort through data and provide the reports. This is a serious job; major decisions depend on reliable information. You should be looking to hire someone more capable (or more specialized in this particular field) than yourself.
  • If you do a lot of selling you might do well to hire others for the groundwork. Take over the sale when parties are interested. The buyer might react well when being handed over of the head of the company. When a deal is closed, tell those who did the groundwork that of lot of the credit belongs to them.
  • There tends to be a big picture and the details. Details can be important, and sometimes it can be hard to tell the significant factors from the minor; we don’t always know if it is a minor detail or not. But things that distract you from the big picture are a nuisance. Put the big picture in a place of priority, and emphasis everything that contributes to this.


Micromanaging is doing all the details yourself. The idea is to be a people manager; manage the overall operation, and manage those who are successfully running each of its departments.

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Printing for advertising banners, car decoration, promotional sticker

Nova Visual is a printing company specializing in large format digital printing. They offer prints for signage, banners, vehicle wrapping, car vinyl wrap and vinyl stickers. From promoting your business to designing event prints, Nova Visual produces high quality prints at a low price and short lead times. This means that your business can start promoting quicker and in more versatile types of promotion tools. Their processing form is very intuitive and easy to use. The client simply sends their image files, the subject of the message, the body of the message and then send.

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What to look for in a pair of sunglasses


Ultraviolet light (UV for short), though invisible, affects everybody who can see. Over time UV will damage skin and eyesight.

Normal visible light consists of vibrations with a wavelength between 700 Nano-meters and 400 Nano-meters, a Nano-meter being 1000 times smaller than a millimetre. UV light consists of vibrations even smaller than this, between 400 and 100 Nano-meters.

UV light can be divided into:

  • UV A light: 320 to 400 nMeters.
    This may cause skin damage over time.
  • UV B Light: 290 – 302 nMeters.
    This causes sunburn and eye damage.
  • UV C light: less than 290 nMeters
    of little concern, does not enter atmosphere.

UV B is the biggest concern for eye and skin care. UV B causes skin to sunburn and eyes to suffer photokeratitis damage.


sunglassesSunglasses should protect against UV light. There is some debate whether UV A is harmful, but UV B definitely causes problems. Ideally glasses should protect against UV A and UV B light.

The UV 400 label on a pair of sunglasses means they block out all UV light, both UV A and UV B. the ‘400’ refers to the 400 Nano-Meter wavelength of UV light.


Polarized Glasses: These are designed to block out reflected light, such as glare. As such they are an advantage with skiing or with beach condition where sun reflects off water and snow. Their only minor disadvantage is that they can block computer monitors and displays.

Blublockers: these glasses (actually a brand name) block some blue light as well as offering UV protection. Blocking blue light, which is the visible light next to UV light, can improve vision contrast. Always check the UV certification, however, as there are many fake products on the market.

Always check that Polarized glasses have UV protection as well.

And the most important subjective factors?

COMFORT: Find a pair that feels comfortable. If you like how they feel you are far more likely to wear them! When you’re new to wearing any types of glasses you may not know what to look for here; being used to something is part of feeling comfortable with it. Likewise, if you’re used to your old pair you find similar glasses seem comfortable because they feel familiar, even if better options come along. Consider other options, though maybe the earlier pair of glasses actually were a good choice all along.

APPEARANCE AND EFFECTIVENESS: Find a pair of glasses that look right for your face. Of course, you don’t want to compromise on anything else here, but if the glasses leave a lot of surrounding skin exposed any UV protection is compromised; you skin will be open to sun damage. Covering more of your eye area with the glasses tends to be better, but you can always use a hat and sunscreen to help as well. If you do like the way you look with a pair of quality UV sunglasses try finding a way of adding protection to your skin with shade, hat, sunscreen and anything else that works for you.

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Brake Pads, Sydney

Why replace brake pads?

Obviously the most common reason for getting new brake pads is to replace older, worn pads. This is simply part of the ongoing cost of maintaining a car. Worn brake pads affect the performance of your vehicle; accidents are far more costly than regular maintenance. When a car goes from worn old brake pads to new pads the difference in performance is quite noticeable, often to the point that the driver has to get used to how the car handles/ replacing the pads more often reduces this change.

Different brake pads for your car

You may notice more than one option in the brake pads catalogue for your model of car. It is quite possible that your model of car sees different conditions depending on where and how it is driven, or that different counties have different expectations for braking performance. European manufacturers often emphasis very smooth and solid performance with brakes. Unfortunately this type of pad wears very quickly, giving both a reduced operational life and a problem with accumulating dust (from the wearing pad) in the vehicle’s mechanism. Replacing these brake pads can be a smart move. Brake pads designed for long term use in general driving can provide comparable performance to the pads that came with the car, only with longer service and far less dust problems. Talk to brake pads suppliers about different options for your car’s brakes.

Issues with Pads

Some older brakes used asbestos, which has now been linked to serious health concerns. This is no longer much of an issue as these older style pads have long since been replaced. Unless a car has been sitting in a garage for several decades it is unlikely to have asbestos components.

Rumours circulate on the internet that brakes contain mercury and aluminium, and that this is a hazard. Aluminium is used in some brake mechanisms, but this has never been considered dangerous. Mercury does not appear to have ever been used in brake pads. Confusion many be due to the fact that there is a brake manufacturing company named Mercury.

Brake materials

Metal Pads are used almost exclusively for racing vehicles. They do endure continual use, but they quickly wear the car’s rotors.

Non-metallic pads are popular with European cars. They are gentle but wear quickly and produce dust.

Semi-metallic pads are popular. They last longer than non-metallic pads and only cause moderate mechanical wear. They do require more force than noon-metallic systems.

Ceramic Brake pads are quiet and a good compromise between durability and performance. They are less able to dissipate heat, however, so warping can occur when surrounding materials and the ceramic pads reach different temperatures.


Due to the popularity of refitting more suitable brake pads many services centres buy replacements for European brake pads wholesale, allowing a relatively inexpensive upgrade for a vehicle’s system. It is unnecessary to use faster wearing or sports brake pads on Sydney roads. Popular ceramic, metal or part-metal pads provide dependable long term braking performance

Thanks to Icer Brakes Oceania for the blog post. To find a brake pad for your vehicle, feel free to visit Icer Oceania.

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Dental care, Sydney

Why Clean Teeth

dental-care It is too easy to neglect dental health. People prefer the aftertaste of the last meal to the strong taste of toothpaste. Some people claim not to have the time to brush their teeth; but the few minutes spent brushing your teeth each day prevents most dental problems and the discomfort of serious dental procedures later on. A study once showed that the most successful people in life were the ones who tolerated short term inconvenience over long term problems. Brushing your teeth is an example of this.

More than Just Brushing at Home

Even with regular brushing and flossing individuals should have a dental check-up every 6 months. Early detection can prevent permanent damage to teeth and gums and avoid costly and uncomfortable treatments latter on. Problems like tooth decay are often accompanied by at least some pain or physical signs of change, and should be checked straight away. But problems such as gingivitis are not obvious of painful at first, making regular check-ups essential.

Regular dental cleaning, recommended every six months, not only removes plaque, tartar, bacteria and other problems, it also makes teeth feel smoother by polishing them. This in turn helps them stay clean as bacteria are less inclined to stick to them.


The advice your grandparents gave about healthy eating is probably not too far from the truth. Vegetables, dairy foods, apples and other forms or healthy eating make all the difference to one’s dental health. Green teas also seems to help teeth and breath considerably.

Sticky food and anything acidic tends to be very harmful. This includes obvious culprits such as soda and sugar, but also a few healthy foods like orange juice. It is less about the amount consumed than the regularity of consumption. Harmful food eaten several times a day is worse that a greater amount of harmful food consumed in one sitting.

Chewing gum that is sugar free can be beneficial for teeth, though the artificial sweeteners used in the gum can have their own health issues. Patients experiencing drowsiness, insomnia of other issues should consult an allergy specialist.

Regarding any concerns about dental care, Sydney based Dental Focus can address any problems.

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