What Surprizes Foreign Tourists

We are all in the misleading habit of seeing our own culture and background as normal, and then being a little surprised when the rest of the world does things differently. But then again, the whole point of travel is to experience something new.

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  • Distances – Australia may have a moderately small population, but it is spread out over a very large area. There is no way to see it all in a short period, and no way to cycle between most destinations.
  • Weather – the short answer is that the country is in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere. But as the country is very large there is enormous variation. The areas near the equator, like North Queensland, are experience rain when the southern states have a hot summer. There is everything from semi-rainforest to skiing.
  • Cuisine – Australia is as multicultural as any place on earth, and the diversity of the food reflects this. The same city street has everything from fine Italian coffee to great Thai.
  • Yes, you can eat kangaroos and emu meat. It is only slightly uncommon.
  • Most shops do close after normal working hours, though there have been some 24 hours stores operating for many years.
  • You can climb the harbour bridge as part of a paid tour, but not take photos. Or you can just climb the pylon near Milson’s point. The Sydney bridge climb is a highly rated experience in many travel guides.
  • Ticketing between many attractions in Sydney or Brisbane is connected. You get a discount at one attraction if you have recently visited one or two of the others. Darling Harbour sites, like Sydney maritime museum tickets, are one example.
  • There is minimal social hierarchy. For the most part people are people and not a social class. Individuals who try to act superior are cut down.
  • There are poisonous animals, but any incidents of fatalities are very rare.
  • Tipping is not expected, but not refused either.

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Misconceptions about Australia.

We know the television and other media are misleading. Few people live the life of a sitcom. But we can find we have picked up many misconceptions about other countries because we forget where the ideas originally came from. Foreigners have a few misconceptions about Australia.


Australians live near the beach

Actually a half-truth – 80% of the county’s population is within an hour’s drive from the beach. But few live on beach front property, which is expensive.


It’s always extremely hot

It’s pretty hot some times of the year in much of Australia. But it gets pretty cold in many places at other times of the year. Some places are always cold, and we get snow too.


We’re all rowdy bronzed lifeguards

Maybe it’s because the rowdy people get most of the attention. Many of us are like this on New Year’s Eve, but not the rest of the time.


There are so many dangerous animals.

Well there are dangerous animals, but problems are rare. There are 1 or 2 crocodile and shark fatalities every year; more people die by drowning. No spider fatalities since the 1980s. Snakes cause a few problems.


We have Pet Kangaroos

Blame Skippy for this. We can go years without seeing a kangaroo. They aren’t supposed to be kept as pets. They are far away from most cities, except in the local zoos.


We have that broad Australian Accent

There are more than a few accents in Australia. Most politicians don’t speak with the broad accent, or half the actors. Some Australians speak more like the British, especially the tertiary educated.


We Drink Fosters Beer

We export the Fosters to other counties. The locals hardly see the stuff. You can work in a Pub and not see Fosters beer.


Sydney Airport Shuttle

Sydney airport transfers aren’t hard to arrange over the internet or phone. If you’re visiting the country for the first time, ask the Airport shuttle driver for a few good tips about what to see.

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对于乘客数量大的客户,我们会提供package优惠,如果您是一家四口,我们的优惠可达20% off,拥有Taxi一样的点对点服务,又拥有性价比更高的巴士专门接送,并且我们预定方便,仅需短短的三分钟,您就可以完成网上预定,并且我们的bus有NSW的BUS LANE专用权,让您在繁忙的交通时间段,也能享受及时迅速的服务。


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如果您想窥探悉尼市区的知名景点,悉尼一日游是您最好的选择,澳洲最繁华的城市悉尼一日游,您可悠闲地漫步在风景如画的达令港(Darling Harbour),並参观悉尼水族馆(Sydney Aquarium)和悉尼野生植物园(Wildlife Park),游览邦迪海滩(Bondi Beach)和世界著名悉尼歌剧院(Opera House),还有那历史悠久的岩石区(The Rocks) ,一起在游艇(Sydney Harbour Cruise)上环绕富人区欣赏耀眼的悉尼港吧!




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我们Anytime巴士公司,拥有庞大的专业车队,包括双层长途客运巴士,单层的旅游巴士,面包车,私人轿车等等不同款式的接送交通工具,如果您希望获得性价比最高的悉尼机场接送,单层的旅游巴士是您最好的选择,我们目前退出的春季优惠价每个人只需20澳元起,并且有family package优惠,如果您想尝试公司团体长途旅行,我们有豪华的双层长途客运巴士可供选择,舒适的休息位置还有经验丰富的驾驶司机。

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对于我们的主要业务悉尼机场接送,众所周知,悉尼市区及悉尼机场附近有严重的交通拥堵,在近几年,即时是乘客想乘坐出租车,繁忙的交通甚至让出租车也无法按时到达悉尼机场,有的甚至花了半个小时才能进入机场接送旅客,而有些匆忙的旅客甚至要步行到机场外打车,这实在是不方便。而我们Anytime,因为可以使用NSW的bus lane,所以我们极少延误,准时发车,价格实惠,绝对是您在悉尼机场的最佳接驳工具。


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藍山位於悉尼以西104公里處,藍山擁有遼闊的叢林景觀,峽谷,瀑布,和壯觀的是豬群,著名的三姐妹峰就位於回聲谷上,令人驚歎的自然景觀堪稱世界奇跡。除此之外,還有Featherdale野生動物公園,讓你一睹澳大利亞特有的生態奇觀,活化石瓦勒邁杉(瓦勒邁杉的存在可以一直追溯到恐龍時期),同樣, 壯觀的鐘乳石洞你同意不可錯過。




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比起悉尼机场的公共交通工具火车和巴士,悉尼机场接送费巴士公司Anytime Shuttle有什么优势?除了性价比高之外,恐怕干净,舒适和安全是对于公共交通的一大优势,我们的接驳巴士每天都会进行彻底的清洁和消毒,保证乘客在一个干净的环境行车,但是,悉尼的公共交通清洁程度堪忧,根据媒体的报道,公共交通公司几乎近十年没有清洁过火车座位,即时有过清洁的列车,清洁频率不过一年两次。媒体的新闻团队随机测试了公共交通的十个座位,结果发现九个座位的细菌含量超标。作为游客或者父母,最重要的是保障自己和子女的身体健康,卫生环境如此堪忧的悉尼公共交通,定然不是想要健康生活的人们所需要的,相反,我们的巴士公司拥有负责任的态度,坚持接送巴士有干净舒服的环境,是乘客的最好选择。



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2016-08-19 17_32_43-Promotion - EasyGo Airport Shuttle

除此之外EasyGo還擁有使用NSW的BUS LANE使用權,有了BUS LANE,就不再需要擔心由悉尼機場前往市區的諸多交通不便,只需數十分鐘即可到達悉尼市區。我們除了提供市區-悉尼機場的點對點服務之外,我們也會到達熱門的市鎮,例如chatswood和eastwood等等,而臨近市鎮的交通價格,也僅僅是從30澳元開始,而絕大多數的巴士同行,價格都是50澳元開始算起,如果實惠的價格,即使您不是遊客而是本地居民,也絕對不要錯過,省去了您開車的麻煩,以最實惠的價錢就能接送您的家-機場來回,如此方便怎能错过?

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悉尼拥有优美而且设备优良的港口设施,所以每年都有大量的豪华国际邮轮光临悉尼,帝王公主号作为国际闻名的豪华邮轮,每年的全球旅行必定选择悉尼作为南太平洋作为落脚点,在今年的9月27日,帝王公主号将会时隔一年再度来临悉尼,联合旅行社作为与Princess Cruises在悉尼旅行社中重要的合作伙伴之一,自然推出了品种多样的豪华游轮套餐,包括悉尼-斐济-夏威夷-新西兰的长期旅游,也有前往塔斯曼尼亚的短程旅游,也有悉尼-新西兰的中程旅游,各种各样的套餐总有一款满足您的需求,您可以完全定制属于你自己的澳洲自助游轮游。




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