What to Consider When Buying Paint


Colour – There is no rule here, but the colour you paint the walls must suit the way you decorate the room. Floor colour is semi-permanent, second only to the floor. You can change both of these things, but this is a major task. Plan the colour in advance according to the way you intend to decorate the room.


A colour wheel is useful for this. The colours of the spectrum are arranged in a circle. Colours on the opposite side of the wheel provide a good contrast; you can choose furniture and wall colours accordingly. Else, colours spaced 120 degrees around the circle also work well together. Either choose furniture, curtains, blinds to match the wall colour, or choose the new wall colour to match the furnishings.


Sheen – This is the reflective quality of the paint. Old paint was glossy – a shiny look that reflected light. It could look good, but the shine tended to show any and every imperfection in the walls. Matt became popular when it was developed – the opposite of gloss this has a pleasant ‘chalky’ look. Gloss finish covers minor imperfections quite well.


Between gloss and Matt is semi-gloss and eggshell finish. Eggshell is a more recent development, but has proved so versatile that it has managed to quickly become the most popular choice.  It looks neat, covers imperfections, and is quite easy to clean.


There are also metallic paints and other variations. These are fine for trim, but are rarely used for walls.


Trim– The skirting boards, doors and window frames might be painted, or might be left a natural wood colour. The classic look is to paint these a slightly darker and glossier version of the wall colour. As window and door frames have a lot more contact with people’s hands this gloss helps to keep things easier to clean.


Durability – Rooms that often have children in them will benefit from a easier to clean paint. This used to mean gloss, but some modern eggshell finishes are also very good in this respect. Kitchens may also benefit from this type of paint. The investment in easier to clean surfaces is well worth while.


House Painters Sydney

Sydney Painting Services are fortunate in that they do not have to worry about weather extremes. This means paint lasts longer and only has to content with mild moisture or heat issues. This is all the more reason to have the painting done well- it will be there for many years to come.

Use the Painting Services Sydney has found the best, and enjoy the results.