Essential Kitchen Items

Unless you are still in collage and make do with one kitchen utensil for all you needs you might want to invest in some solid and reliable kitchenware. It will last for years.

Measuring Spoons/cups

Super cheap, and constantly used. A matching set is quite appealing.

Cutting board.

Plastic boards have been popular for a generation, and some people have several plastic boards labelled to keep vegetables, fish, poultry and meat separate. But Wooden Boards are extremely usable, and bacteria are not really an issue. In a pinch a cutting board can be put over a draw for some extra kitchen space.

Chef’s Knife

A good knife is used at nearly every meal. Worth investing in a good knife that lasts for years.

The Great Frying pan/Skillet

Possible the great workhouse of the Kitchen. It is rare for us to need two at once, so one medium large pan does almost everything; Buy a small one as well only if required. As a frypan is used so frequently it is worth investing some money in. Buy some stoneware cookware, a get a matching pot or two.


A good pot with a lid is used with everything from boiled rice to casseroles. Some meals need more than one, so buy two, preferably that match the Skillet.