What to keep on hand for the Wedding Day:

  • Touch up makeup kit.
  • Shoe grips or heel covers if you have to walk on grass. You can find them online under ‘Soulmates’
  • That perfume you were saving for a special occasion. Occasions don’t get more special than this!
  • Hairspray and lacquer, if that suits your style for the day.
  • Lint roller or something similar, if you have clothes that might need touching up.
  • Shoes that will be suitable for dancing later on.
  • Stick it fashion tape. Just about any item of clothing can be held in place with this – collars, belts, necklines, scarves, pocket gaps, hats, hat trim, cuffs, leggings and loose shoes.
  • Translucent powder. Matt makeup prevents shiny skin in photos, especially with a flash. Translucent powder also works well.
  • Something to protect you from the Sun, should that be an issue.
  • Any item you have been putting aside for the special day.

Wedding Makeup Sydney

Talk to you wedding makeup artist, they have probably heard many anecdotes and have more than a few pieces of good advice.