Looking for new Carpet – Synthetic Fibres

Of course different carpets have different advantages and disadvantages. Some of the general options for synthetic carpets are:

Carpet Material:

Nylon Carpets: a very popular choice, especially with areas that need frequent carpet cleaning. Nylon carpet is very soft, durable and resistant to stains.

Polypropylene Carpets: Similar to nylon, and nearly as soft, polypropylene is extremely durable and stain resistant. As a material it is considered low hazard as long as it is not use for containing food. For carpeting it is resilient, with only substances like glue causing any problems.

Polyester: Polyester can have the most vibrant colours, and never really suffers from fading. There are no issues with allergies and because it can be made from recycled plastic it is about as eco-friendly as one could ask.

Carpet Styles:

Uncut carpet Pile: Basically one long loop of string, left uncut and used to make the surface of the carpet. These are popular, easy to clean, stain resistant and tend to not suffer from footprints or other indentations. . On the down side they are not as soft as other options and occasionally things can get caught in the carpet loop. Because of the tendency for things to get caught some consider these unsuitable for home with pets.

Cut carpet Pile: This is another soft carpet which is easy to clean, but it has a tendency to show footmarks and indentations. The indentations can usually be brushed out, but these carpets do suffer wear faster than other carpets and require more frequent replacing. Many owners consider the appeal of the carpet to outweigh the shorter life expectancy.

Frieze Cut Pile: This uses tightly twisted and kinked strands, giving a highly durable surface that tends to hide dirt and wear. A good choice for stronger traffic areas.

Plush carpet: a very rich and luxurious surface, but very prone to wear. This is impressive looking with frequent carpet cleaning and fine for low traffic area where people always remove shoes.

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