Diamond Price, Sydney City


What are diamond rings worth?

There is a lot of confusion about this. Many people go by the expert valuation, but these are for insurance purposes. We do recommend insuring valuables, but the higher valuation drives up the cost of insurance. In the event that the item actually is stolen you do receive the payment, but you are paying higher premiums for this possibility.

At the end of the day your diamond ring price in money is the wholesale value of the diamond and the gold that it is made of. This is less than the money you would pay if you bought a ring commercially. The extra cost is taken up in retail stocking, the manufacturing cost and a certain amount of hard profit. The manufacturing cost is a source of confusion; the skill and craftsmanship for an expensive diamond in a plain ring is the same as a cheap diamond in a plain ring. This is not added to the later value of the item, and a cheap diamond will almost certainly remain cheap. Valuations should account for this, but we cannot be certain. A commercially bought ring is unlikely to sell for its original price; this is never really a means of investment.

If you want to sell a diamond ring, the asking price is helped if you send it to a reputable lab for certification. Any diamond shop in Sydney city can recommend a lab, and probably arrange to have it safely sent. If you bought it locally you should consider the same diamond shop you originally purchased it from. A Diamond shop in Sydney City will often take it on consignment.