Rhinitis Treatment Sydney


The nose and nasal cavities have several important functions. The most obvious functions are breathing and allowing a sense of smell. It is less well known that the sense of taste is closely linked to smell, such that we can hardly taste anything if our nasal functions are compromised. Other less known facts include the nasal passages also acting as a filter to remove noxious stimuli form the surrounding air and the nose providing slightly warmer air than the mouth. Restricting airflow through the nose compromises all these function. And if the restricted airflow is caused by an illness any cold air from the mouth and reduced filtering of the nose will actually aggravate the condition. Clearing the nose is one step towards better health, or at least help the body fight back.

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When rhinitis is caused by an allergy it is sometime simply a matter of removing the allergy’s cause. This can be difficult in the case of pollens or airborne pollutants; it is sometime difficult to trace down the cause at all. If the rhinitis is caused by an illness it will not last longer than the ill health. But we strongly suspect the rhinitis is prolonging the illness, and not simply an inconvenient side-effect. But even if this is not so, helping remove the rhinitis will provide significant relief to the sufferer of any associated illness.

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Acupuncture always aims at optimizing the body’s health. A body that is operating at optimal levels is far better at dealing with problems than a body that is suffering any compromise. Rhinitis can be the symptom of an illness, or a problem in itself; but alleviating the rhinitis will always improve the individual’s health and certainly provide relief from discomfort.

In addition to the aforementioned problems, a blocked nose reduces the amount of nitric oxide in the body, leading to lethargy and a melancholy mood. It also tends to cause snoring, which leads to tiredness. Increasing nitric oxide and getting a better night’s sleep are key to good health, the very thing sought when we are ill.