457 Visa in this financial Year

From the 1st of July 2015 the following has altered for the 457 visa:

The skilled Occupations List (SOL) has had the following categories removed:

  • Urban and regional Planner 232611
  • Dental specialist 252311
  • Dentist 252312

These occupations do remain on the consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL), and as such they remain valid options for state or employer sponsorship.

The following occupations have been added to the SOL:

  • Panel beater 324111
  • Cabinetmaker 394111

The accounting occupation has remained on the SOL, but the number of places has been reduced by over 50%. There are only 2,525 places for the 2016 year, and they look to have been filled.

Nursing has had a slight reduction, but this is unimportant as the number of places is far from being filled. Nursing has 14,872 places for the 2016 year, with less than 20% presently being accommodated.

Strangely the Primary school teacher 241213 occupation has been removed from the CSOL list, meaning it is no longer eligible for state or employer sponsored visas. It remains on the SOL, however, indicating that teachers are still needed in some areas.

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