Sydney Airport Shuttle

When travelling interstate or internationally, getting to the airport can just be another thing that adds to the stress. If travelling for a long time, driving to the airport and leaving the car there until you return can be costly… Carpooling with friends can be an option, but what if their car is too small (or your luggage is too big?).

Sydney Airport Shuttle services seem to be THE way to go… Companies that provide these services such as PlanB shuttle have a door to door, 12 Seater Mini Bus service which is much cheaper than a regular taxi; PlanB shuttle has a fixed rate and is usually prepaid before using the service whereas taxi fares take into account tolls and traffic.

These services are normally family friendly, with attachable baby seats which is an important safety requirement when commuting on the road.

A good question to think about when there is door-to-door… wouldn’t there be a heavy reliance on punctuality on all customers, traffic and the shuttle? Airport Shuttle Services deal with this simply by delegating the pick-up times way ahead of the departure times (The general rule is to be at the airport 3 hours before departure)

Ultimately when travelling, people want to make the journey hassle free, safe, cheaper, reliable and timely. It is all about choosing the right options that will make your trip a more pleasant one.