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Jokes, or at least practical jokes that might be misconstrued as terrorism, are banned at airports. But there is no law about airports jokes and travel in general.

A sign said ‘Airport left’, and people wondered why it was still there.

Why don’t you see penguins at the airport? They know they can’t fly.

What can travel around the world but stay stuck in one corner? A stamp.

A map on the wall has pins in it to indicate which countries I have visited. Of course, I had to travel to the four corners of the world first; you need pins in the corners to hold the map up.

Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
Douglas Adams

Both optimists and pessimists contribute to the society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist invents the parachute.
George Bernard Shaw

The do not disturb signs discourage people from entering you hotel room. Do not put them on backwards or you won’t be able to leave.

Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills.

Sat in good humour and use an airport shuttle, Sydney public transport is not super convenient for travellers to the airport.

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Sydney Airport Transfers


  • When being picked up have you confirmation number ready with any travel vouchers if necessary.
  • Any fragile items should be carried with you. Other luggage is moved around, and prone to knocks.
  • Carry baggage low to the floor, or in an appropriate way that is safe and unlikely to hit others. It is all too easy to forget this with backpacks.
  • Fill up transport from the back, or in a way that is considerate to other travellers.
  • Change seats if you are about to be dropped off. Anything that makes things easier on others is helpful.
  • Consider personal space. And remember that other cultures have different boundaries. Speak to others if you feel it is appropriate, and respect their wishes whenever possible.
  • If you get travel illness, or otherwise feel ill, tell the driver. Moving to the front seat and having the driver prepared for a quick stop can make all the difference. Other passengers can be more considerate than expected.
  • If moving about support yourself with the roof or luggage rail, not other people’s seats.
  • Avoid mobile phone use unless necessary. Any checking in with relatives on the phone should be brief; use text messaging where appropriate.
  • If you have children bring something to keep them occupied. Food, books, quiet electronic entertainment. Reward them for good behaviour.
  • If the seats recline, check the person sitting behind you.
  • There seems to be a growing consensus that the middle seat in any applicable arrangement has the armrests. The other seats get the window or the aisle, so the middle has the armrests.
  • Avoid anything that causes an odour. Forgo perfume and cologne and use a neutral smelling body antiperspirant.
  • If at all possible have a shower and wear clean clothes. Some travel clubs allow this after you get off a plane.
  • Avoid hot food, fish or anything spicy- the smell will get to others. Muesli bars, fruit or anything pocket sized is usually fine.
  • Clean up when you leave.

You can avoid a lot of problems by getting private shuttle transport. By traveling on your own or sharing only with your own party you can set your own agenda. Talk to the driver if you want some advice, or sleep coming home if you are tied from the flight. Sydney airport transfers are designed to work to your advantage.

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Australia Tourism FAQ’s

What’s the weather like?

It’s a huge country, and the weather varies. It tends to be dry, but everything else depends where you are. The Northern states tend to be hotter; the south most point of Tasmania is often cold. You will have to look at the specifics of where you travel.

Best time to travel?

As the seasons are reversed in comparison to the northern hemisphere many like to travel in September to November; this is pre/early summer in Australia, and avoids the Northern winter. Opinions vary. Find when the cheapest flight tickets are.

Do I Need vaccinations?

No vaccinations are required for Australia or New Zealand.

Where should I visit in Sydney?

In Sydney: Harbour Bridge climb, the Opera house, Darling harbour for shopping, biggest IMAX theatre, and many museums. Try a Sydney day tours if you want to see as much as possible.

Melbourne, Queensland, Canberra and just about any major city has worthwhile tourist sites.

How long does it take to get to Australia?

From the west coast of the USA, about 14 hours. Obviously it depends on location.

I hear a lot about dangerous animals, should I worry?

There are some poisonous snakes and spiders, but problems are rare. Nobody had died from a spider bite since the early 1980s. Snakes are rarely seen and rarely cause problem unless provoked.

What are drop bears and Bunyips?

Drop bears are a practical joke, made up to scare tourists. Bunyips are an urban legend, like Bigfoot or the Yeti; these things might exist, but it is unlikely.

Will I see Kangaroos and Koala in the city?

Not really, except at a Zoo. A few smaller inland towns have wildlife that comes into the streets, but this is rare.

Can I Walk from Place A to B?

Many people underestimate how large the country is. Many places that appear near each other on a map are really several days apart. It is about three thousand miles from Sydney to Perth. Do not attempt to walk.

What is electrical Power like?

240Volt at 10amps. This is about twice the voltage and half the current of the USA system. Do not use simple plug adapters as the voltage is too high! You will damage equipment.

Apart from a few very isolated places almost everywhere in Australia have modern power and water facilities.

What is Port Stephens?

A natural harbour and the surround area, it is popular with tourist because of the marine life; Port Stephens Tours look for whales and dolphins, but there are many other beach related activities.

What is Jenolan Caves?

A world Heritage listed site of many caves popular with tourists. They are about three hours travel from Sydney. They are popular with tourists, but as there is no public transport we suggest using Jenolan caves Tours.

Is Australia at all like the images on Television?

Some parts are a little like the stereotypes in the media, a lot is quite different. Australia is very multicultural, and about as varied as any country can be.


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Arirang Tours

Travelling to any country can seem quite daunting as there are so many activities and things to get involved in, with only a little amount of time. Furthermore prioritizing activities over others can become quite subjective, especially when travelling with a group filled with mixed opinions. When travelling to Asia, Arirang Tours specialises in tours catering towards those travelling to Korea, Japan and North Korea. Partnered with Korea Tourism Organisation, Welcome Japan, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines and IATA; Arirang Tours is a tour guide specialist in these countries. With all positive testimonials, customers have all mentioned that the guides are well organised, polite and knowledgeable. Their wide range of locations that they visit will ensure that tourists would have seen and experienced a satisfying amount.

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Sydney Airport Shuttle

When travelling interstate or internationally, getting to the airport can just be another thing that adds to the stress. If travelling for a long time, driving to the airport and leaving the car there until you return can be costly… Carpooling with friends can be an option, but what if their car is too small (or your luggage is too big?).

Sydney Airport Shuttle services seem to be THE way to go… Companies that provide these services such as PlanB shuttle have a door to door, 12 Seater Mini Bus service which is much cheaper than a regular taxi; PlanB shuttle has a fixed rate and is usually prepaid before using the service whereas taxi fares take into account tolls and traffic.

These services are normally family friendly, with attachable baby seats which is an important safety requirement when commuting on the road.

A good question to think about when there is door-to-door… wouldn’t there be a heavy reliance on punctuality on all customers, traffic and the shuttle? Airport Shuttle Services deal with this simply by delegating the pick-up times way ahead of the departure times (The general rule is to be at the airport 3 hours before departure)

Ultimately when travelling, people want to make the journey hassle free, safe, cheaper, reliable and timely. It is all about choosing the right options that will make your trip a more pleasant one.

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Things to do in Sydney

You can spend a day just walking the sights. Sydney is a large city if you include the outer suburbs, and there is a lot to see out there. But the CBD can be browsed in a day’s travel. You can start at Circular Quay and see The Rocks, the Opera House, and the Harbour Bridge. The Botanic gardens are near hare, and worth a fair amount of time. You can walk from here or catch a train to Town Hall station and see the Queen Victoria Building for some shopping. From here it’s only a short walk to Darling Harbour.

Sydney habour

A first day walk is a good way to gather information about the specifics; you find the museums and attractions that you want to spend some time at latter. Some of the better known are:

  • The world’s largest Imax theatre
  • The Sydney Aquarium
  • Wildlife Zoo
  • Madam Tussards Wax works
  • The Maritime Museum
  • The Powerhouse Museum
  • Centrepoint Tower
  • Bondi Beach
  • The Opera House, both the events inside and the building itself.

An alternative to walking Sydney is to take a Harbour cruise. The guide will point out many sights, and you can chase up the ones that interest you the most. Else, you can use the Red Explorer Bus.

Tours can often be arranged through the same company that does airport transfers. A day tour of Sydney can focus on shopping, where the shuttle can carry your accumulated souvenirs, or on historic sights, a trip to the theatre; if you have time you can leave Sydney for the day and go on a wine tour. The Sydney airport shuttles often run multiple services for tourists and locals.

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