What to keep on hand for the Wedding Day:

  • Touch up makeup kit.
  • Shoe grips or heel covers if you have to walk on grass. You can find them online under ‘Soulmates’
  • That perfume you were saving for a special occasion. Occasions don’t get more special than this!
  • Hairspray and lacquer, if that suits your style for the day.
  • Lint roller or something similar, if you have clothes that might need touching up.
  • Shoes that will be suitable for dancing later on.
  • Stick it fashion tape. Just about any item of clothing can be held in place with this – collars, belts, necklines, scarves, pocket gaps, hats, hat trim, cuffs, leggings and loose shoes.
  • Translucent powder. Matt makeup prevents shiny skin in photos, especially with a flash. Translucent powder also works well.
  • Something to protect you from the Sun, should that be an issue.
  • Any item you have been putting aside for the special day.

Wedding Makeup Sydney

Talk to you wedding makeup artist, they have probably heard many anecdotes and have more than a few pieces of good advice.

Wedding Cakes Sydney

Like other aspects of wedding a wedding cake owes something to both art and tradition.  There is a tension here, but probably a good one. Art never exists in a vacuum. Rather, it makes something new out of the materials and influences of the past. A wedding cake can be original by using domestic and foreign traditions and the personal history of the happy couple. Any design that the couple finding appealing is worth considering.

As with everything we should consider what happens in the long term. How will the photo of the wedding cake look? I do hear a few people talk about how the cake tasted, but far more people talk about how it was decorated. This is reinforced by the number of people who latter see the wedding photos. The cake is meant to look good.

Of course the design should be remembered for all the right reasons; it should be impressive. Many people are still reasonably young when they marry, and may hold iconoclastic views, or still be attached to some passing fad. Consider how the photos of the cake (and of the whole wedding) will look in a few years’ time. The last thing you want is something that makes you cringe. If in doubt it is better to be a little more conservative. And remember that the idea is to be artistic and maybe a little innovative, not outrageous and countercultural.

In reality most people don’t design a wedding cake from scratch; they look at various other designs and ask for a few changes to be made. This is not a bad approach.

If the cake looks too good to eat, you’ve probably doing something right. Remember, this is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event; you don’t get a second chance. Feel free to be a little indulgent.

A Few Point to Remember:

– Make arrangements for your cake several months in advance.

–Beware of the weather. You might need to talk to the cook if the cake is to will survive a hot summer day.

–Find a tablecloth, table and decorations that match, compliment or somehow suit the cake.

–Some venues charge a ‘cutting fee’, ostensibly to cover the cost of extra plates and cutlery for cake. $2.oo per head isn’t unusual.

–The group that makes the cake should delivery it. Delivery is a tricky job, and mistakes are unthinkable!

–Some individuals may wish to keep their piece of cake. Little boxes are preferable to folded napkins (that remind you of children’s birthday parties). Unfortunately there is no way to know these things in advance.

–  Arrange for some really great photos of the cake.

Wedding Rings Sydney City

If there is a single item that is most considered a one off purchase it is a wedding ring. Not that this is always adhered to, but the point is that this is a major purchase that is at least meant to last lifetime.

The most popular choice for wedding rings are White Gold, normal (yellow) Gold and Platinum; some rings combine these different metals. The amount of gold in the ring is indicated by the karat, with 24 being pure gold. As pure gold is too soft there is always some other metal alloyed in the mix. White gold uses palladium, platinum and a few other metals to give it its distinctive colour; they also have a rhodium coating. This coating can discolour over time, so may need to be replaced. Platinum rings are expensive but incredibly durable.

Wholesale diamonds are a good option for many. Buying a diamond wholesale allows a person to get a high quality gemstone at the lowest possible price. This can then be set in whatever ring mount that most appeals to the individual’s taste. Though it takes a little effort the end result is a unique ring that can be both financially and sentimentally valuable.

The tradition in some countries of matching the engagement ring with the wedding ring has steadily made its way into western culture. Considering how the rings will be worn together for the rest of one’s life this fashion makes sense. Sometimes each ring looks incomplete until nest to the counterpart; some look fine in isolation, but are actually part of a matched pair. A few brides have the two rings permanently attached. While some trends and traditions were merely the product of advertising aimed at selling more gemstones this one appears to be a legitimate aesthetic choice.

Some people like to use a family heirloom for a wedding or engagement ring. Whole diamonds and custom rings allow a matching ring to be made to suit the family heirloom.  Sydney city wedding ring wholesalers and designers allow a lot of options for custom rings.

Shoppers for wedding rings in Sydney city have many options. We suggest you enjoy some time looking, and always find some ideas on the internet. Decide what you like, and remember you can always combine ideas. For a once-in-a-lifetime purchase find something that is as individuals as you are.


Wedding Photo

Photography needs vision

Skill for any art must be intuitive. But intuition is not instinct. An instinct is something we are born with; intuition is the result of accumulates knowledge with some sort of order. We have learnt from experience, we tend to know what works without having to think about it.  Amateur photographers learn that you can’t just point and shoot to get good results; the object gets in the image but not in the right way. Strangely, professional claim they just point and capture the image; they don’t realize how much processing goes on unconsciously. Once something is grasped intuitively it is like speaking; we don’t usually consult the rules of grammar when we speak, we have learnt to simply say what we mean. Good photography is like this.


If you want those Blue Mountains wedding Photography you will need to be well versed in these kinds of images; you need to know what works and you will need to know the location(s). Knowing what is at the locations will help on the day when you need to grasp images in a hurry. It will also help if you know some good backgrounds for the staged shots. After a while this will become second nature.


This applies more and more to every job today. The specific couple will have some specific ideas in mind. At least a few ideas will be poor ones. It is an art to be able to accommodate all these different styles, requests and individuals couples. It is an art to be able to turn down an idea when you know it is a poor choice.

Get a list of images the bride and groom want. They will be impressed if you manages to get images that outdo their requests.


Do any research into classic paintings and you will see rough drafts and diagrams that divide the images up into boxes. Our brains see certain proportions as appealing, and value things like symmertry. If we see these proportions in images we tend to like what we see (though factors like lighting and colour are also important here); we are not consciously looking for it, we simply like the result.  On the other hand this might be consciously put there by the photographer. Some modern cameras can overlay nine equally spaced boxes on the camera screen; they divide the screen into thirds both horizontally and vertically. Images that fit in with these boxes are off to a good start. Practice putting the desired image into this type of grid; you can use any part of the main subject, foreground or background to achieve this patterns. Then again, if an image looks great for no discernable reason, keep it anyway; it probably obeys some rule even if you haven’t figured it out yet.