Cracked screens are probably the most common repair conducted on mobiles. Other damage either does not affect function or is far less common. Screen damage is very frustrating, but the risk can be reduced with some precautions.

– Keep the mobile in a hard, protective case. Despite all the different types it is not too difficult to find one designed for you specific model. Ebay offers many options, just search for the model number. Cases often only cost a few dollars.
– Add a scratch guard to the screen. Either cut to size of buy one for you model phone. Replace this when necessary, perhaps once per year.
– Dropping a phone is obviously a risk, though very few people would do this deliberately. Nonetheless, try to be careful. As the same time many people find a phone will survive a short distance drop, only for the screen to break when it is bent in a pocket.
– Carry the phone so that the screen is positioned next to your body. This reduced the risk of knocks causing the screen to crack.
– It is a risk to carry the phone in a hip or back pocket. You will damage the phone when you sit down. More screen are cracked this way that nay other.
– If possible, carry the mobile in a jacket pocket, preferably at chest level. This is the least likely place for it to be damaged.
– Keep the phone away from heat. It is a risk to leave it on a car seat or dashboard as the Sun can melt and damage the phone or casing.
– Buy a microfiber cloth to clean the phone with. It should be damp, but not wet.
– Check the instructions that came with the device. The manufacturer may have some good advice that specifically applies to you model phone.

Mobile Phone Repairs in Campsie, Newton
Phones are usually paid off over a 2 year plan. If your phone is damaged before the 2 years it is usually best to have it repaired; repaired phones are virtually as good as new. After the phone is paid for, after two years, it is sometime better to have the device replaced.

Some apple products are covered by Applecare+. This usually means a damaged screen can be repaired at a discount. It is an easy matter to see if an iPhone is covered by entering the serial number at the apple site.