Signs Illawarra

Some Principles with Advertising in all Mediums
Where to Look:
The audience will follow the gaze of another person. A picture of somebody looking at an object or text tends to direct our attention to the same thing.
When observing a play the audience will look toward the brightest spot. If the brightest spot and the persons/object of concern are not the same thing the audience will be confused.

Attractive Models
The attractive model works for some products and services, but not all. It seems advantageous for luxury, health and art/beauty situations; technology, office supplies and food, less so. But as these catorgories overlap (luxury tech and food) so there are no hard and fast rules.
A model advertising a cosmetic firm will work; it might be essential. The same model advertising a toaster may backfire. People seem to be suspicious if you don’t show/they can’t see the connection.

Font on Banners Illawarra
Does font size make a difference? Relative font size does. A word will stand out in a in a slogan or sentence if it is larger or written in bold letters. Otherwise, the text need only be big enough to read.
Rhymes and alliteration can make a significant difference. The human mind likes patterns and tends to remember them.
In western cultures tall, thin letter font is accociated with beauty, as thin long limbed people are considered attractive.
Slanted font is considered rapid. This is appropriate for some advertising.

Car Vinyl Wrap Illawarra
Advertising on transport is a little different. People only get a glimpse of the image and text. There is no real opertunity to read more than two words, so a company name is about all that is possible. Try to convey messages with colour and shape.
Vehicle wrapping is useful, as any car can be altered to advertise any product or company. As the car is being used for transport, why not let it serve double duty and perform advertising as well.

Vehicle Wrapping Illawarra
Vehicle wrapping is effective publicity. The only difficult part is designing the right look for the ad.