Skin and Aging


There are many factors that affect the aging of our skin. Two of the most prominent are wrinkling from Ultraviolet light and Collagen underneath the skin. Luckily, both of these can be altered for the better with modern technology.

We can prevent the formation of fine lines in our skin, or at least delay their onset by several years, by avoiding Sun exposure. Ultraviolet light, the radiation just above the light that is visible to our eyes, causes ongoing damage to our skin. It is not too difficult to avoid this damage and wear Sunscreen when outdoors, at least on our face. Choose a variety of sunscreen free from any harsh chemicals. We also suggest good quality UV Sunglasses. These practices prevent fine wrinkles.

Deeper lines and sagging of our skin is the result of collagen beneath the skin being lost. Over time loss of collagen makes our skin look loose and baggy. Preventing this through diet or lifestyle does not appear to be easy, but collagen can be noticeably improved with some clinical procedures. Ultherapy, which uses vibrations similar to ultrasound, and many light devices can help regenerate lost collagen. This works well for sagging jawlines, necklines or any loser facial skin.

Cosmetic fillers Bankstown

Deeper lines or facial scars may require cosmetic fillers. If we keep our skin in optimal health we reap greater benefits from these fillers, and healthier skin means we may put off cosmetic procedures for a few years.