Advice For Timber Flooring Perth

Protect Timber Floors Perth

Even the hardest timber is prone to scratches; there are many other things harder than timber, so chairs, tables and high heeled shoes are all a risk. Protect the floor from scratches by using coasters under furniture legs. Have people remove shoes. Put down rugs where nessesary.


Repairs without Floor sanding Perth

Scratches can often be repaired, or at least concealed, by applying the same oil or coating originally used when installing the flooring. This works well with light scratches, where just the coating has been removed. Deep scratches are concealed by correcting the colour, but the lost wood cannot be restored.


Dents in untreated wood can sometime be fixed by applying a damp cloth and a hot iron. Move the iron around to prevent burning; the process takes a few minutes. Avoid this technique on polishes and oiled wood as it often causes discolouration.


Floor sanding Perth

Some people simply accept the idea that timber floors will need to be re-sanded every 10 years. Others take precautions, and find the floor suffers far less damage.


Laminate Timber Flooring Perth

Laminate is quite scratch resistant; the top layer is an artificial material resigned to be strong. But on the rare occasion when they do suffer damage there are very few repair options. Laminate cannot be sanded, though sometime damaged repair is simpily a matter of replacing the individual boards.


Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo that has been grown for 7 years has reached near optimal hardness. Compared to many hardwoods, which take decades to reach maturity, this is very quick. Yet bamboo has the same scratching issues as good quality hardwood – metal, stone and other objects are harder than wood or bamboo  and will easily cause damage.


Floor Sander Perth

Bamboo floors can be re-sanded many times, usually after a decade or continual use. Proper precautions will allow the bamboo floor to last much longer between sandings.


Floating timber floors Perth

  • A floating floor is constructed above a permanent, solid floor. As it is not permanently fixed it can be removed and replaced with minimal effort. If the floating floor suffers damage it is usually best to simply replace the damage section.