Sydney Tower

Basically all Sydney Day Tours will include the Sydney Tower. It is the tallest building in the city so it can hardly go unnoticed. There is more than enough of interest about the tower to make it a worthwhile destination.


  • The Tower is the tallest structure in Australia, and the second tallest in the southern Hemisphere. Only Auckland’s Sky tower in New Zealand is taller.
  • Ever though it is not as tall as the Auckland tower its observation deck is higher, making it the highest observation deck on a human structure.
  • The Tower was called Centrepoint when opened in 1981. It has been renamed Centrepoint Tower, AMP Tower, Sydney Eye Tower and Westfield Tower as ownership changed.
  • The Tower and the shopping Centre it is built upon are presently owned by two different groups. The shopping Centre is owned by Westfield, who previously owned the tower as well. The tower is now owned by Merlin Entertainments, who also own the Sydney Aquarium and several other sites worldwide.
  • The tower has been seen in the background of films such as Mission Impossible 2, and Godzilla Final wars.
  • The structure includes a 4D cinema which plays footage of other Sydney locations.
  • The skywalk is the open air glass floored platform encircling Sydney Tower. It is 268 Metres above ground level.


Due to the common ownership by Merlin Entertainment there are several other sites, such as Oceanworld Manly, Sydney Aquarium, and Sydney Wildlife World, that offer multi-venue ticketing discounts. You can often visit three attractions or more at a huge saving provided you do so in the space of a few days.