Sydney Airport Transfers


  • When being picked up have you confirmation number ready with any travel vouchers if necessary.
  • Any fragile items should be carried with you. Other luggage is moved around, and prone to knocks.
  • Carry baggage low to the floor, or in an appropriate way that is safe and unlikely to hit others. It is all too easy to forget this with backpacks.
  • Fill up transport from the back, or in a way that is considerate to other travellers.
  • Change seats if you are about to be dropped off. Anything that makes things easier on others is helpful.
  • Consider personal space. And remember that other cultures have different boundaries. Speak to others if you feel it is appropriate, and respect their wishes whenever possible.
  • If you get travel illness, or otherwise feel ill, tell the driver. Moving to the front seat and having the driver prepared for a quick stop can make all the difference. Other passengers can be more considerate than expected.
  • If moving about support yourself with the roof or luggage rail, not other people’s seats.
  • Avoid mobile phone use unless necessary. Any checking in with relatives on the phone should be brief; use text messaging where appropriate.
  • If you have children bring something to keep them occupied. Food, books, quiet electronic entertainment. Reward them for good behaviour.
  • If the seats recline, check the person sitting behind you.
  • There seems to be a growing consensus that the middle seat in any applicable arrangement has the armrests. The other seats get the window or the aisle, so the middle has the armrests.
  • Avoid anything that causes an odour. Forgo perfume and cologne and use a neutral smelling body antiperspirant.
  • If at all possible have a shower and wear clean clothes. Some travel clubs allow this after you get off a plane.
  • Avoid hot food, fish or anything spicy- the smell will get to others. Muesli bars, fruit or anything pocket sized is usually fine.
  • Clean up when you leave.

You can avoid a lot of problems by getting private shuttle transport. By traveling on your own or sharing only with your own party you can set your own agenda. Talk to the driver if you want some advice, or sleep coming home if you are tied from the flight. Sydney airport transfers are designed to work to your advantage.