Rainbow Embroidery

Cheap supplies save money

This is the same principle with almost anything- a cheap and nasty alternative causes problems and actually wastes time and probably money. If cheap thread breaks you have to spend time resetting the machine- this is reason enough not to do it. Colourfast issues are another reason.

On the other hand buying in bulk can save you money. This is not a cheap product, just saving money through wiser purchasing. The principle doesn’t apply to some other areas like cooking, where a product has a limited shelf life. But sewing materials last for years. Stock up if you buy in bulk, find a bargain, or are lucky to find the one or two inexpensive alternatives that actually do work well.

Stick with the brands that came with the machine

Well, that is one option. Try the others, the quality will vary. Try to find some tests for your products, like how easily it breaks, does it fade in hot water, or lose colour with bleach or sunlight. Experiment and find the best results. Or Google to find what works for others.

Rayon is never colourfast.

Well, I have had rayon threads that faded with bleach and in hot water, but I’ve had a few brands that didn’t. As some of the garments I embroider aren’t colourfast either it doesn’t always matter. If it’s a dry clean garment, and you want that glossy look of rayon, then embroider with it.

On the other hand we now have trilobal polyester threads which have the sheen of rayon but are also quite strong.

You need to sew in order to do embroidery

Not really. They both use needle and thread, but that’s where the resemblance ends. Then again, people can do both.

Printing and other image systems have replaced embroidery

Not really. Jeans will not replace business suits or tuxedos; one is for formal wear, the other is for casual. It’s the same for embroidery, which is the more classy way to put an emblem or image on a piece of cloth.

If you want that classy look for uniforms or family items look into custom embroidery services with Sydney rainbow Embroidery.